Friday 29 September 2006

New Twilight Princess Details and Screens

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The latest issue of German Nintendo magazine N-Zone contains some fresh details concerning Twilight Princess. Aonuma reveals that the Wii launch title will take around 70 hours to fully complete, and that there are 9 “temples” to defeat (in comparison to Ocarina of Time’s 8). Shorty from NeoGAF has uploaded some low-quality scans of the magazine here, incase you read German and wish to see the full interview. If you can’t, fear not, as we’ve taken the new screenshots from the scans:

Not too much information can be derived from the screenshots, though we can see at one point Epona is used to carry stuff (probably as part of a scripted tutorial event). The last screenshot is particulary interesting because it shows a huge, glowing animal shaped the same as Toaru Village’s blue Yaks, as seen in last year’s E3 ranching demo. We’ve briefly seen seen this mythical creature in the E3 2006 trailer, but this screen highlights its scale next to wolf Link. The magazine also featured this gorgeous new piece of artwork:

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More ALttP Goodies

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A Link to the Past - Bottle Locations
A Link to the Past - Secrets and Tips

Thanks to Evil Sponge, we have a few new secrets and a brand new bottle location guide for you guys eager to play the game on Virtual Console.

Things have been really quiet in the Zelda community. Again. Nintendo’s habit of unleashing random tidbits at big events and then staying quiet for months  is infuriating, and even worse is the extra three weeks both Evil Sponge and I have to wait to get our hands on Twilight Princess. I have to wait for the European launch, and I believe Sponge is holding out for the GameCube version - an annoying delay, partially because I won’t be able to provide the quantity of coverage that I’d like to, and partially because the internet will be on fire for those three weeks so my untainted eyes will need to be diverted from the spoilers. Still, from December 8th ZE will be the biggest Twilight Princess love-in on the net, assuming the game meets our astronomical expectations.

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Wednesday 20 September 2006

A Link to the Past Boss Guide

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A Link to the Past - Boss Guide

The ever-triumphant Evil Sponge has created a Boss Guide for A Link to the Past, which will adopt a new reverence with the arrival of Wii’s Virtual Console. Less than three months to go!

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Revealed: Wii Twilight Princess Packaging

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Twilight Princess - Packaging

Thanks to GoNintendo, we can give you a high-resolution image of the North American Wii Twilight Princess packaging!

What do you think?

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Saturday 16 September 2006

Extended Twilight Princess Trailer

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An extended, higher-resolution version of the previously released Twilight Princess trailer has been made available at IGN. The trailer highlights some new things - the flying creature mentioned before isn’t Link, nor is Link riding him, he’s actually holding Wolf Link in his talons. We also see more of Hyrule Castle before Link pushes back the Twilight, and by using Wolf’s “Sense” ability, busy townsmen and rows of Hylian Guards can be seen ‘the way they were.’

This trailer has to be downloaded - it’s a little shoddy (it ends rather abrubptly), but the new features it highlights are really interesting and exciting.

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Friday 15 September 2006

Rebirth of Evil

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Hi, I’m Evil Sponge.  You may remember me from such updates as “A Difficulty Translation,” or the Wind Waker section.  I’m here this afternoon to tell you that I’ll be back at Zelda Elements in some capacity.

For my first act, I sent Nexus an editorial piece about the release date of Twilight Princess.  For those of you who don’t know, NoA was not only expected to announce Twilight Princess’s release date yesterday, they really did announce it.  TP will be released on November 19th, along with the Wii.

Except for the GameCube version, which is the topic of my forthcoming editorial.

Other than that, I’m very excited to be back!  Raise a glass with me, won’t you, to toast an exciting end of the year for Zelda fans!

Edit by Nexus Zero: You can read Evil Sponge’s excellent editorial, titled “Twenty-Two Days of Solitary,” here.

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Wii Twilight Princess Completely Mirrored

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By now, you’ll have heard that Link in the Wii version of Twilight Princess will be right-handed because most players will hold their sword (Wiimote) in their right hand. There’s been a bit of debate over the method used by Nintendo - Link’s model was simply mirrored. After this revelation, fans noticed that Midna’s model had been mirrored, too.

A member of the NeoGAF forums, confusingly called “Wii”, made the following image to highlight that these two models are not all that have been mirrored:

Yeah. You can’t make this stuff up.

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Thursday 14 September 2006

Brand New Twilight Princess Screenshots

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Twilight Princess - Screenshots

IGN Wii have updated with the latest Twilight Princess shots, which we’re trying to get unwatermarked versions of. In the meantime, you can view the screenshots in our TP Screenshots gallery. They’re simply incredible.

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New Twilight Princess Media (Spoilers)

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Well the Japanese seem to have an obsession with low-quality, low-resolution media, so we’ll have to wait for the US media breifing in a few hours for a better look at the game. For now, though, there are a couple of screenshots and a couple of small videos that highlight some new Twilight Princess features.

The new Wii software trailer can be seen here, with Twilight Princess footage near the end showing some kind of flying section. Whether Link is on the back of the creature, or is the creature, is unknown at the moment. Another trailer shows Link taking Master Sword (which seems to have grown somewhat) from its pedestal, an action which seems to push the Twilight from the area. He can also be seen riding Epona through an epic Hyrule field.

In a few hours, NoA are expected to announce a November 19th release date and a $250 price point for the Wii in American territories. The console will be bundled with WiiSports.

Update 1:
A high-resolution version of the previous screenshot has been released - click this thumbnail to view full-sized:

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Wednesday 13 September 2006

I, Talk

In Zelda news

A notice to anyone who isn’t a regular reader of affiliate Rauru’s Return’s monthly Zelda zine: listen intently to the following information, as it could one day mean the difference between life and death.*

This month’s Harkinian has been released, and it features a whimsical, yet highly serious interview with yours truly. In it, I throw myself into the firing line with a cocktail of inappropriate similes and imitations, cherried by a mildly narcissistical attitude. Yes, I accidentally came across as a bit of an arse, but hopefully one that will make you smile. To sober yourself up from the laughter/anger, read the higher-brow articles on topics ranging from the ghost land of Hyrule, to the mysterious nature of Hyrule’s monsters. I can’t think of a better way to spend these remaining hours before the Wii 3 Megaton. Well I can, but I’ll be keeping that particular idea to myself.

*This is not true. Well, it might be, I don’t know. I’d listen just in case.

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