Here we have a mask of Link, like the masks many of us had as a child. It bears more resemblance to a scary and slightly overweight elf than of Link, and I wouldn’t give too much weight to the idea that it was the inspiration for Majora’s Mask.

Pillow case

This pillow case had a mock screenshot of The Legend of Zelda on it and some official artwork made especially for this design.

Pin Badge

Somehow safe for kids, this metallic pin badge features the old-school Zelda logo.


Just your average towel, though one with Link on it! Just the way every Princess wants to be leaving a bath.

Nelsonic Flip Watch

The flip Zelda Watch was really just a generic character watch, with a plastic moulded cover which opened up to reveal a simple LCD display telling the time.


This Zelda-branded wristband was actually made in 2004. Obviously trying to capture the “retro-chic” market, if such a thing exists.