Boss guide

Eastern Palace

Armos Knight

Armos spriteHead to the lower right corner and break out your Bow and wait for the group to come to life. As the circle of knights starts rotating, start shooting them. Eventually, they’ll line up at the top of the screen. Line yourself up with one of them and fire away until it dies. If you have enough time, start shooting another one but get out of the way before they pin you against the wall. Head back to the lower right corner and repeat the process until there’s only one left. He gets mad, turns red, and starts hoping around madly. You can run from him and line up arrow shots when you can, or you can damage him with your sword if you choose to.

Desert Palace


Lanmola spriteWhen you get into the room, start charging your Whirling Blade. When you dirt shifting, run up to it. When the Lanmola jumps out of the ground, rocks fly from the corners, so it’s best to stand along the borders of the dirt patches. Get near a Lanmola’s head and unleash the Whirling Blade. Keep repeating until there’s one left. When he jumps out, there will now be 4 more rocks to attack you, with the rocks now flying from the sides as well as the corners. Use the same process as before until he’s dead.

Alternate Strategy: Each Lanmola only takes 2 hits from the Ice Rod. If you don’t miss too often (or you have some Magic Potion), you can take them all out this way.


Tower of Hera


Moldorm spriteHis vulnerable part is his tail. The annoying part about him is that if you get knocked into the pit, you fall down to the floor below you and then have to start the battle all over again. I tend to use the Whirling Blade to make the battle go faster, but it’s really up to you. Simply dodge the rest of him and strike at the tail. Protip: The more you hit him, the faster he goes.

Hyrule Castle


Agahnim spriteAgahnim disappears into a small shadow and moves across the room, then reappears. When the shadow stops moving, line yourself up with it. Agahnim will do one of two things here. He could shoot a ball of energy at you, which you hit with your sword to damage him. Or he shoots a spinning cluster of mini-balls at you, which you should just dodge. If he floats to the top-centre of the screen, quickly move to a side to avoid an oncoming lightning blast.

Dark Palace

Helmasaur King

Helmasaur spriteHe has two basic attacks. He can swing his tail at you (safe spot: right in front of him) or breath a fire ball that flies apart into 3 smaller ones which fly apart into 3 smallest ones which fly toward you. Just move around and dodge those. Your first task is to remove his helmet. You can either toss bombs at him, or smack the helmet a few times with the Hammer. Once the mask is gone, attack the face. This can be accomplished by running up to him and slashing away, or you can shoot him with arrows.

Swamp Palace


Arrghus spriteThe first step is to break out the hookshot. Now, use the hookshot to grapple the small creatures (Arrgi) which surround Arrghus and then slash them with the sword. Repeat until all the Arrgi are dead. Now Arrghus will swim and jump around the room in an attempt to squash you. Attack him, Whirling Blade works well here, and eventually he’ll bite the proverbial big one.

Skull Woods


Mothula spriteThe most notable dangers are the direction shifting floor and the randomly attacking spike traps. Yippee. To make things more fun, Mothula flies around and shoots beams at you. The best weapon to use here is the Fire Rod. Hit him with it until you run out of magic, and refill if you can. If you don’t have any magic refilling potions, you can use the Sword on him.

Gargoyle’s Domain


Blind spriteAttack! Preferably, attack the head as Blind moves around the room. After a few hits, his body falls. It grows back with a new head, and the old head flies around the room and shoots fireballs at you. Repeat the attacking process above while dodging the fireballs until the second head breaks off and starts flying around the room with the first head. Just keep dodging and attacking the newest head until the body falls a third time, finally ending this battle. I find the Magic Cape to be quite handy here.

Ice Palace


Kholdstare spriteIf you have the Bombos Medallian, use it right away. If not, use the Fire Rod on the giant block of Ice. Once that’s shattered, Kholdstare splits into three and attacks you. Dodge the falling blocks of ice and hit Kholdstare with your Sword. Keeping hitting them until all three are dead.

Misery Mire


Vitreous spriteOne by one the little eyeballs in the puddle hop out to attack you. Kill them with the ol’ slashin’ sword. When Vtireous stops looking around and raises out of the puddle a little, quickly head to the side to avoid the oncoming lightning blast. After the little eyeballs are dead, Vitreous will start hopping around trying to squish you. Just keep hitting him with your Sword until he’s no more.

Turtle Rock


Trinexx spriteThe red head on the left shoots fire, and the blue head on the right shoots ice which freezes the floor. First, take out the blue head to keep the floor unfrozen. Shoot it with the Fire Rod to stun it, then attack with the sword. Repeat as necessary. Once that head has been dispatched use the Ice Rod on the red head and attack until it has been similarly defeated. After both heads are gone, Trinexx explodes revealing a snake-like final form. Attack the flashing middle segment with the Sword to defeat him.

Ganon’s Tower


Agahnim spriteUse the same basic strategy as before. The only difference is that he now splits into three. The non-transparent one is the real one, so aim the reflected attacks back at that one, and ignore the other two.

Final Battle


Ganon spriteFace off with the King of Evil. For the first form, simply strike him. Dodge the Trident when he throws it and repeat when he’s done moving. After a few hits, he’ll start forming a circle of fire bats around him. Attack him until the circle is complete, then run around the room dodging the bats that will come flying at you. After a few more hits, Ganon switches strategies. He moves around the room, then stops and jumps, unleashing a circling firebat that leaves a trail of flame. Hit him as you can here. After each jump, a section of the floor gives way, and after all four sides of the room have lost the their edges, Ganon moves into his final attack mode. He puts out the torches, then moves invisibly around the room and stops to shoot at you. Light the torches with the fire rod (powder or lantern works too, but the Fire Rod is quicker), and Ganon pauses briefly. Hit him then, if you miss just hit him when he’s done moving around the room. After the hit, he freezes and turns blue, it is then that you deploy a Silver Arrow into Ganon. Repeat this process a few times until he dies. If you fall through the floor at all, you have to retrace your steps to the top of the pyramid and begin the battle anew.