Link artIn the years before the bloodline of the Hero were to finally slay the evil Ganon for the final time, Link III was having a restless night. The telepathic link between his ancestors and the Royal Family were reactivating - Hyrule was in danger.

Sure enough, on one stormy night Link’s Uncle went to Hyrule Castle for unexplained reasons. Link, ever the hero, went to investigate, and found his Uncle dying in the sewers. He was entrusted with the family sword and shield, and set off on his quest to save Princess Zelda.


Zelda artThe Princess Zelda could sense imminent danger - a family trait passed down to her by her rouge great grandmother. And it was this that were making her dreams uneasy. Unknowingly, she sent a distress signal out to a young lad in Kakariko Village before she was woken up and led to the castle’s jail cells.

A hero in green came to save her - it turned out that Link was to be the young man who was given the task of saving the seven young maids who had mysteriously disappeared.


Agahnim artKnowing all too well the legends of old, Agahnim served as the King of Hyrule’s servant for many years, shadowing the actions of the Gerudo Tyrant, Ganondorf Dragmire. No one in the kingdom realised that it was indeed Agahnim who was kidnapping the Seven Maids - descendants of the Seven Sages who had imprisoned Ganon all those centuries ago.

However, there was one more maid he needed to unlock the Sacred Realm and let reign the evil King once and for all…


Ganon artTrapped in the Sacred Realm, Ganon sought out the Triforce, as he who set their hand upon it would get any wish they ask for. Ganon asked for Hyrule, but as he was evil of heart, he instead got a twisted, dark version of Hyrule right there in the Sacred Realm. Little did he know, that while he was amassing the evil troops for an assault on Hyrule, that there was an evil wizard by the name of Agahnim trying to break him free of the Sacred Realm.


Sahasrala is the oldest and wisest man in all of Hyrule, and part of the way into Link’s quest he becomes a big help. Whether it be guiding Link on his next destination or informing him on Hyrule’s interesting past, Sahasrala knows it all. While it was impossible for him to have been around while the first Sages walked Hyrule, it is thought that he might have been part of the new world, when the Great Seas subsided and revealed the beautiful Hyrulian landscape.

Link’s Uncle

One stormy night, Link’s Uncle, a friend of the Royal Family, gets a message that he must quickly come to the Castle via the secret entrance. He picks up his sword and shield and makes his way there. However, the secret entrance is guarded and despite Link’s Uncle’s best intentions he is severely injured in the sewers. Link must pick up the sword and shield and be brave as he takes on his uncle’s job…