Sword artDuring the game you collect four swords, each one increasing in scope and power. The Sub Screen tells you what level your sword is at.


Shield artAlong your journey you will find three shields that get bigger and deflect a greater variety of attack. You can see what level shield you have in the Sub Screen.


Armor artYou cannot replace Link’s green tunic until later in the game. The Blue Mail reduces enemy attacks by 25% and the Red Mail reduces enemy attacks by 50%.

Pegasus Boots

Pegasus Boots artThe Pegasus Boots enable the wearer to run at amazing speeds. Sahasrahla gives you the boots that legends say run in the family of one of the Seven Sages.

Power Glove and Titan’s Mitt

Power Glove artThe Power Glove, and its golden, stronger counterpart the Titan’s Mitt, give Link the strength to lift increasingly heavier objects.

Zora’s Flippers

Zora's Flippers artZora’s Flippers have been made by River Zoras (who are otherwise absent from this evil Sea Zora dominated game) and let Link swim across water.

Moon Pearl

Moon Pearl artHolding the Moon Pearl prevents Link from being turned into a defenceless bunny whenever he enters the Dark World.