Bomb artThe bomb’s blast radius damages everything in its path, and can destroy cracked walls. Each has a two second fuse, and up to two bombs can be lit at the same time. To throw a bomb, plant one and then pick it up before the fuse runs out.


Boomerang artThe boomerang can stun some small and medium enemies. It can collect far away items and flick switches.

Fire Rod

Fire Rod artThe Fire Rod shoots fire to burn enemies. As it is an elemental attack, certain enemies receive more damage from it. You can also light lanterns and torches from a distance.


Hookshot artThis weapon-slash-utility allows you to damage enemies from a distance. It can be used to pull yourself across chasms and holes by firing it into a tree, rock or chest.

Ice Rod

Ice Staff artThe Ice Rod fires ice in the same way the Fire Rod fires fire. Bigger enemies can be frozen with it and smaller ones killed.

Magic Hammer

Magic Hammer artDespite its name, this item uses no magic on use. It can be use to pound things into the ground, like stakes or enemies.

Staff of Byrna

Staff of Byrna artWhile using the Staff of Byrna, you are completely protected from enemy attacks.

Staff of Somaria

Staff of Somaria artThis staff creates magic blocks which can be pushed around, but can also detonated to damage enemies.


Bombos Medallion

Bombos Medallion artAfter you have the Master Sword, you receive this powerful medallion. Enemies screen-wide can be slaughtered with the awesome power of this explosive medallion.

Ether Medallion

Ether Medallion artThis powers you sword with the power of ice. All enemies on-screen are frozen.

Quake Medallion

Quake Medallion artThis powers the Master Sword with the powers of the planet’s plates. Create an earthquake by plunging your sword into the ground, and damage any nearby enemies.

Dungeon Items

Small Chest

Small Chest artSmall Chests hold small objects like rupees or small keys to help you on your way. You can only open each chest once.

Large Chest

Large Chest artLarge Chests hold new items like a new weapon, or a map or boss key.

Big Key

Big Key artThe Big Key opens big chests and big doors.


Map artThe Map shows a dungeon’s floor plan. It highlights were you have and haven’t been yet.


Compass artThe Compass highlights the room on the map which holds the Master. You need to defeat the Master to finish a dungeon.

Other items

Book of Mudora

Book of Mudora artThe legends of Hyrule are inscribed here, and it can be used to translate the many monoliths in Hyrule.


Bottle artYou can keep many things in a bottle. You can hold four at any one time, and they are mostly used for containing potions or fairies.

Bug Collecting Net

Bug Collecting Net artYou don’t know what you can catch in the wild! Whatever you catch can be stored in a bottle for later use.


Flute artOtherwise known as an Ocarina, the Flute allows you to summon Flute Boy’s bird. Then you can travel to one of 8 locations on the Hyrulian world map.


Lantern artThe lantern can brighten dark rooms and also light torches for short periods of time.

Magic Cape

Magic Cape artThe Magic Cape renders Link invisible while he has enough magic to power the cape. Enemies will not know where you are.

Magic Powder

Magic Powder artDespite having a slightly suspect name, this powder has unknown but usually interesting effects when sprinkled on things.

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror artThis Mirror returns you from the Dark World back to Hyrule. Once you get back, if you return to the point where you emerged in Hyrule you can go back to the Dark World. It can not be used indoors.


Mushrooms artThe Lost Woods hold this ingredient to Magical Powder. A Witch will know what to do with it.


Shovel artThe shovel can dig up soft ground, sometimes revealing an item or object.