Secrets & tricks

Chris Houlihan’s secret room

Though undoubtedly the most famous secret in A Link to the Past, Chris Houlihan’s Secret Room can only be accessed via a couple of obscure methods. The reason for its inclusion? Nintendo Power, North America’s official Nintendo magazine, held a competition back in 1992 to have a lucky reader’s name inserted into a new SNES Zelda game. He got more than just his name, and his prize included a whole room dedicated to him, with tones of rupees and a cornerstone with the following message:

My name is Chris Houlihan.
This is my top-secret room.
Keep it between us, OK?

To get to this room, first you need the Power Glove and the Pegasus Boots. Next, you have to start your saved game from the Sanctuary. Then, follow these directions as fast as possible:

First, dash out of the Sanctuary, and down the path until you can go east. Dash east, staying in a straight line but also avoiding the soldiers. When you hit a wall, go south across the bridge, being careful not to kill the archers, then keep going south west until you end up in the Hyrule Castle Grounds. Lift the large boulder there out of the way. Now, dash north but do not get injured! When you see the secret passage, enter it as normal and if you are lucky you’ll enter the Chris Houlihan room. If that does not work you will have to restart the game to try again.

Freezing Lanmolas

The Lanmolas in the game can easily be killed with the ice rod.

Secret use for Magic Powder

  • Sprinkle it on flying skulls to change them into fairies.
  • Sprinkle it on a lone chicken in a certain Kakariko house to turn it into a woman.
  • Sprinkle it on the altar you can find down the hole outside of the Blacksmith’s house to get double magic. It appears as “1/2”, but that actually means magic uses half as much of the meter.
  • Sprinkle it on the old lady sweeping outside in Kakariko Village. She’ll transform into a fairy for you to bottle, but you can only do this once.

Uncover the lost path

In sections where the floor is invisible, use the Ether spell to show up near tiles.

Stop the Running Man

All you have to do to stop this guy is to dash at him from the west, rather than just run after him.

Quick heart refill

Go talk to any of the fortune tellers. Pay to hear your fortune, and when they’re finished they’ll fill your heart meter.

Quick magic refills

Method 1: Use the Ice Rod or the Ether Spell to freeze enemies. Then, smash their frozen forms with your Hammer to get a magic decanter.
Method 2: Throw an empty bottle into a Waterfall of Wishing, and when you get it back it will be filled with Green Potion!

Get the Magic Cape early

When you first get to the Dark World, go to the Cemetery. Use the Magic Mirror to warp around near the tombstone that has the Magic Cape under it, and you can find your way into that little space. Dash into the headstone, traverse the cave, and get the Magic Cape!