Back in 1993, Nintendo released a brand new Zelda adventure for its original Game Boy system. When it was first announced, many wondered just how the games’ classic gameplay would be recreated on the portable system, and some feared the series would need to take a more simplistic route, similar to that of the original LoZ. Nintendo managed to do what few thought possible: they created a massive 2D world and gave Link even more freedom than he did in A Link To The Past. In fact, the game could be seen as the evolution of its predecessor.

Link from ALttP once again took the starring role, and after saving Hyrule from Ganon, he went off on the first of many more voyages as he went about exploring the world outside of his homeland. However, his sea-faring adventure didn’t go to plan, and during a storm Link’s boat crashed near a mysterious beach and Link was washed ashore. He woke up to the sound of a familiar voice, mistaking it for that of Zelda’s. But it was Marin, a local of Koholint Island, who had rescued Link from the salty beach. It transpires that Link cannot leave the island until he wakes a mysterious being known as the Wind Fish, and this task in itself involves collecting the eight Elements of the Sirens. Somehow, the Wind Fish’s fate seems to be tied in to that of the island’s. Did Link even wake up at all?

Link’s Awakening furthered all the innovations brought to the table in A Link To The Past. Items such as Roc’s Feather gave players a freedom that really hadn’t been seen in a Zelda yet, and the game’s amazing engine enabled side-on views in selected tunnels that were much more pleasing and offered more flexibility than similar sections found in AoL. To think that the game was as huge as it was was, given the restrictions of the Game Boy’s RAM and storage capabilities, well it is simply incredible even today. A very much loved, if sometimes under-appreciated Zelda game.