Boss guide

Tail Cave

Rolling Bones

Rolling Bones spriteWhen Rolling Bones rolls the spikey rolling pin towards you, jump over it and start attacking him with your sword when he runs over to the other side of the room. When he gets there, run to the opposite wall and then repeat.


Moldorm spriteMoldorm’s weak point is its tail. He moves around the room randomly and with quite a speed, and hurts you by touch. To make things even worse, there are pits to the sides of the room, and if you fall down there you have to start the boss over. Basically, you have to keep moving while trying to get round the back of it. If you manage this, start smacking the end of his tail with your sword and he’ll eventually succumb.

Bottle Grotto


Hinox spriteThis beast’s main attack is to pick you up and hurl you to the other side of the room. If he does, the chances are the floor you land on is cracked, so jump off it as soon as possible to avoid injury. He will periodically charge towards you, at which point sidestep and then run in with some sword attacks. Run away, and then repeat.


Genie spriteThe Genie’s first attack is to throw fireballs at you. To avoid this, run from left to right along the bottom of the screen. He’ll hide in his bottle after this, and you have to run over to him and hit him with your sword to stun him. Pick him up with your Power Bracelet and throw him against the nearest wall. Repeat this twice more, and then equip Roc’s Feather. The Genie creates several ghosts of himself which rotate around the room. Evade them, and then wait for one to solidify. Run over to this solid version and attack him with your sword, evading any counter attacks if necessary.

Key Cavern

Dodongo Snakes

Dodongo Snakes spriteTo win this battle, you simply need to lay your bombs as close to the Dodongo Snake’s mouths as possible. Each Dodongo can eat 3 bombs before they’re defeated, but if you run out of bombs, you’ll need to leave the arena and find more.

Slime Eyes

Slime Eyes spriteSlime Eyes is hidden on the ceiling to start off with, so to bring him down to your level charge with your Pegasus Boots at the nearest wall. Swipe at the massive eye with your sword to cause them to start splitting. Then, charge between the two halves of the eye with your Pegasus Boots to split them completely. Then just concentrate on one eye at a time, attacking them with your sword until defeated.

Angler’s Tunnel

Big Octo

Big Octo spriteBig Octo runs around and around this water circuit. To get a hit in, wait around a corner before he comes bounding round, and then swipe at his exposed side before he turns around the corner. He will usually then turn around and go back around in the opposite direction, but be prepared to run if he doesn’t…

Angler Fish

Angler Fish spriteThis big fish isn’t all that hard, just make sure you evade everything else that is going on in the water. For instance, there are Bloopers that swim past every now and again, so be sure not to touch them. Also, the big fish himself will sometimes charge at you, so avoid this attack and he’ll smack into the wall behind you. Rocks will then fall from the ceiling, so try and get out of the way of those as well. To hurt the fish, smack away at the little light on its head with your sword whenever you get the chance.

Catfish’s Maw

Master Stalfos

Master Stalfos spriteYou’ll meet up with Stalfos four times in this dungeon, and when you finish him for the last time you’ll receive the Hookshot. The easiest way to kill him is to dodge his attacks and then strike back immediately after. Once he’s been reduced to a pile of bones, quickly lay a bomb on him to finish the fight.

Slime Eel

Slime Eel spriteThe Slime Eel’s tail can be avoided by just keeping close to the side of the room. Wait there until he pokes his head out of one of the holes in the wall, and then Hookshot his head out of there. Start hitting his head with your sword, and after a few repeats he’ll be history…

Face Shrine


Smasher spriteWhen the dog-like Smasher throws his ball at you, run out of the way and then run over to the landing place and pick it up before Smasher does. Throw it back at the mini-boss to damage it, and repeat.


Facade spriteBreak all of the pots in this room to awaken Facade. Then, he’ll attack you in many different ways. First of all, you’ll want to stand in a corner swiping with your sword at the incoming tiles until they’re all gone. Then, run or jump away from any holes that open up in the floor. Try and plant bombs on Facade during all of the madness and you’ll have him sorted.

Eagle’s Tower

Grim Creeper

Grim Creeper spriteFor this battle, power up your sword and unleash a spin-attack on all six bats. You have to kill all six at once to kill the Grim Creeper.

Evil Eagle

Evil Eagle spriteYour main objective during this boss fight, besides killing it, is to stay on the tower, otherwise you’ll have to start the fight over again! The eagle will first swoop at you horizontally, so use either the Hookshot or, if in range, Sword, to inflict some damage as he flies past. If he stops on one side of the screen, run towards him and pull out your shield. Keep trying to move towards him as he tries to blow you off the tower with his powerful wings. After a fair amount of blowing, he’ll try and swoop horizontally again. You just have to repeat these steps.

Turtle Rock

Boxing Blaino

Boxing Blaino spriteRoc’s Feather is used here to avoid Boxing Blaino’s uppercuts, which can send you back to the start of the dungeon. Other than this considerable threat, the fight is simple; run around to his back and attack him with your sword.

Hot Head

Hot Head spriteThe only time Hot Head can hurt you is when he re-enters the lava pool, but the splash can inflict considerable damage, so pay a lot of attention when he makes the jump. Your sword isn’t much use here, so make best use of your Magic Rod to rapidly sap his strength; every time he returns to the lava, he heals himself slightly. So get your attacks in quickly.

Final Battle

Giant Blob

Giant Blob spriteWithout actually touching him, throw Magic Powder over this guy three times.

Nightmare of Agahnim

Nightmare of Agahnim spriteThe shadow of wizard Agahnim will throw lightening bolts at you, which you should repel with you sword. You can use Roc’s Feather to evade any other projectiles.

Nightmare of Moldorm

Nightmare of Moldorm spriteMoldorm is the same as he was in Tail Cave; his weak point is his glowing tail. You’ll need to follow the same tactics as last time, only now, you have to land 8 good blows to finish him off.

Nightmare of Ganon

Nightmare of Ganon spriteGanon is surprisingly easy for the nightmare of the greatest battle in Hyrule’s history. You’ll need to keep attacking him with your Pegasus charge, sword drawn.


Lanmola spriteThe Lanmola shadow is quick, but simple to defeat. All you have to do is attack it with your Magic Rod.


Dethl sprite
Dethl will move around the arena rapidly, while trying to hit your with his glowing arms. With Roc’s Feather equipped, you can easily avoid being hit by these. However, you can’t attack him until he opens his bright eye. When he does, fire arrows at it until you have him nailed. If you’ve got the timing down, you can also use your Boomerang, as it inflicts way more damage during this fight.