Link spriteAfter saving Hyrule and the Royal Family in three different countries, Link sets out on adventure new. However, his journey is cut short and the adventurer’s boat is caught up in a storm. After blacking out, Link reaches shore (although not with a lot of choice in the matter) and wakes up to the sound of the beautiful voice of Princess Zelda.

Hyrule this is not - and Link soon learns that the voice belongs to a local of the mysterious island that he has been thrust upon.


Marin spriteMarin is the local girl who finds Link on Koholint beach. Link first mistakes her for the divine Princess Zelda because of the angelic voice they share. She turns out to be an amazing singer, but not she’s still not Zelda. Throughout Link’s adventure, Marin and Link grow closer until she can’t bare the thought of him leaving for home.

After seeing the grace and peace of seagulls, Marin’s one wish is to fly alongside them. She may just get her wish…


Tarin spriteMarin’s farther, Tarin helps Marin care for Link when she finds him washed ashore. As a guide at the start of Link’s journey, Tarin is strangely irresponsible. He doesn’t spend that much time with Marin, and instead dedicates a lot of his time towards exploring and collecting mushrooms.

Kaebora Gaebora

Kaebora Gaebora spriteKaebora Gaebora is a wise old owl who guides Link through his journey on this new and different island. He is the one who informs Link on where to go next and of various legends the island holds. However, when it eventually emerges that the island is not as real as it seems, Link has to ask; who is Kaebora Gaebora?

The Wind Fish

Wind Fish spriteThe Wind Fish is a mysterious sleeping fish who sleeps at the top of Spectacle Rock. The only way to wake the Wind Fish is to find the 8 mysterious instruments in the 8 dungeons across Koholint Island, as waking it is the only way off the island. It seems as though the fates of the island and the Wind Fish are strangely intertwined.