Items & equipment



Bomb spriteThese bombs are so powerful that they can blow holes in walls, and kill enemies. After they have been placed you can throw them by picking them up once more.


Bow spriteThe bow can fire arrows at enemies from long range. You can find new arrows and buy them at shops.

Magic Rod

Magic Rod spriteThe Magic Rod is used to fire at enemies and to light torches.


Sword spriteThe Kokiri sword, handed down from generation from generation, is a formidable weapon. it can be used to kill enemies and cut down bushes. It can also be upgraded.

Dungeon Items


Compass spriteYou find the compass in dungeons. It will sound an alarm if there is an item in the room you have just entered, and it will mark out boss rooms, rooms with keys and rooms with items in on the dungeon map.


Map spriteMaps are used and found in dungeons. They show you where every room is.

Stone Slab

Owl spriteThese are only found in dungeons. Once found, however, you can put them back in the owl statue from which they were taken for a hint.


Keys spriteThe keys are used to gain access to each of the dungeons.


Instruments spriteThe 8 instruments are used in unison to awaken the Wind Fish. They are your prize for defeating a dungeon.

Other Items


Zora's Flippers spriteFlippers are used to swim in water. A is to swim and B is to dive.


Hookshot spriteThe hookshot can be fired at many things. It will then grab hold of them and pull you towards them. It can be used as a medium range weapon.


Ocarina spriteThe Ocarina can play many songs, each holding its own power.

Pegasus Boots

Pegasus Boots spriteThese special boots can make Link run at high speeds. If he holds his sword out at the same time it can be used as a dash attack. If he uses it before jumping he will jump further.

Power Bracelet

Power Bracelet spriteThis bracelet engulfs Link with strength and power. You can use it to pull chains, grass, pots and stones.

Roc’s Feather

Roc's Feather spriteThis feather makes the holder able to jump very high. It can be used to avoid enemies and jump over pits.

Secret Medicine

Secret Medicine spriteIf you have this when you are killed, it refills all of your hearts automatically.

Secret Shells

Secret Shells spriteThese are collected, and when you have enough, deposited at the Seashell house to collect a new, more powerful sword.


Shield spriteThis can stop swords and projectiles. If you upgrade your shield it will be able to stop fire.


Shovel spriteThe shovel can be used to dig holes in soil. Items and seashells can be discovered this way. Try searching near weird dirt formations.

Sleepy Mushroom

Sleepy Mushroom spriteThis mushroom can be given to a witch to make a magic powder. This magic powder has the ability to make someone very sleepy.

Tunics - DX version only

Tunic spritesThe Red and Blue tunics are obtained from the secret colour dungeon in the library. Red doubles your attack damage and Blue doubles your defence power.