Secrets & tricks

Kill Dodongo mini-boss with fewer bombs

You can easily beat the Dodongo snakes by blowing up one of them, then climb the stairs at the bottom left of the screen. Head down into the room with the red gels, and back up into the snake room. The second snake will be gone, and the warp point will have appeared. No damage to your cart, and the game proceeds as normal.


If there is a screen with an obstacle that you cannot get past, go to the screen the opposite side of it. Then walk to the very edge of the screen but just as you are going to go to the screen with the obstacle on it press Select. If you do it right when you come off the map screen you should be past the obstacle. If you become stuck on a wall or other object, you’ll have to restart, but in many cases Link can jump off.

Dangerous dungeon screen-skipping

The trick (actually a bug, and a big one) is akin to the Screen Skipping, but much weirder and can possibly damage the cartridge (at least that’s what happened to mine, it behaves now extremely weird, giving out a black rectangle instead of a Nintendo© logo at the start; the game is playable, but you’ll see nothing except for Link himself and the moving objects. all the rest remains invisible. I didn’t manage to play through much of it to see what happens further than the 1st dungeon).

Here’s how you do it: after defeating Moldrom (1st Nightmare boss), jump into the pit. Once you start to fall into the pit (side view) tap the Roc’s feather button rapidly. If you manage to do that quick enough (tricky, but possible) you’ll jump out of the pit into a strange environment. The new look of the dungeon is totally messed up as well as it’s physics. Now you can walk through walls, drown in the staircase, and won’t be able to use normal doors. Once you walk through the last wall in the dungeon you’ll find yourself in a different one as they all are connected, so you can move from dungeon to dungeon. So that’s the fun.

Boomerang shield

Once you have the special flying rooster that follows you around, you can do a little trick. Throw your boomerang then quickly pick up the rooster before the boomerang comes back. You’ll float into the air, the boomerang will come back and spin around you in a circle, shielding you from attack.

Fun in the shop

There are two things that you can do in the shop which are very useful. To steal an item, run around the shopkeeper until he has his back turned and then make a bolt for the door. If he doesn’t see you, you get the item - unfortunately, throughout the rest of the game everybody calls you Thief, and if you ever set foot in the shop again the shopkeeper kills you. Yeah, street justice.

Another useful thing to do is, when you have enough money for the item you wish to buy, buy the item and when your money is being deducted press A, B, Select and Start. Select Save and Quit from the menu. When you come back into the game, you’ll have the item you bought and the number of Rupees you had when you restarted!

Fun with Marin

Marin’s a good person to have with you in Link’s Awakening, for humour value anyway. To start, take her to the Trendy Game. She’ll take the controls and pick up Mr. Trendy!
Also, try falling off a ledge. If you don’t move for her, Marin lands on you, squashing you. More annoying than it is funny, she’ll also tell you off for breaking things like pots and attacking chickens.

Weirdness on the island

Do the Screen-skipping trick at the edge of the map, so you land in the sea. If you then swim one square away from the island, you will end up on the other side of the map. The real fun comes when you screen-skip back onto the other island, rather than just swimming there, as you’ll end up back on land. This is where it gets freaky. The chances are that you bought people from the last screen with you (like the kids outside the library for instance). Normally when you do the Screen Skipping trick that happens, but when you leave the screen all is fine. Not so now.

Once, when I tried this trick, the four Armos Guards on the next screen had been replaced by Telephones, though they still acted in the same uncommunicative manner. When activated, their movement animations flip between telephone and bird sprites. I can’t say for sure whether this trick is safe, so practise with caution.

Second ending

Well, not so much a second ending, but if you managed to get though the game without dying, then Marin will be flying around rather than the seagull, just as she had always wanted. It’s all rather touching.

Soften hard enemies

Magic Powder is more useful than you might think. For instance, if you put it on an enemy, then with some luck you’ll find that it turns into a weaker enemy.

Watch your step

Before you mindlessly slash at a bush, try and pull it out of the ground. If it doesn’t budge, then there is a hole beneath it.

Makeshift missiles

If you equip both the Bow and Bombs, then press both together and you can fire bombs across the screen, which, predictably, becomes very useful in context. This glitch provided the inspiration for the explosive arrows in Twilight Princess.

New music

If you name Link “MOYSE”, then you hear new music during the game.

Different overworld music

I have always found it slightly bewildering when Nintendo make something special happen in Zelda games when you name Link ‘Zelda’. Surely it should happen when you call Link ‘Link’? Well, never mind, but in this game if you name Link ‘Zelda’ then you get different overworld music.