Trading sequence

Yoshi Doll

Yoshi spriteFirst of all, go to the Trendy Game in Mabe Village. Pay to have a go and make sure that you go for the Yoshi Doll right away.

Yoshi Doll for Bow

Bow spriteTake the doll to the Quadruplet’s House and give it to the mother. She’ll give it to her son who will stop crying. In return, you get a bow.

Bow for Dog Food

Dog Food spriteThe bow goes to the young female BowWow, in the smaller house outside the BowWow on a leash. She’ll give you a can of dog food for your troubles.

Dog Food for Bananas

Bananas spriteThe dog food goes to the Croc on the beach (Sale’s House O’ Bananas). He’ll give you some bananas for the dog food.

Bananas for Stick

Stick spriteOutside Kanalet Castle, where there is a broken bridge, give the monkeys nearby the bananas and they will rebuild the bridge for you. They will also give you a leftover stick.

Stick for Honeycomb

Honeycomb spriteTarin is at one point trying to get at a honeycomb off a tree. Find him, and give him the stick to whack it off. The honeycomb will drop, comedy ensues, and then when Tarin is gone you can take the honeycomb on the floor.

Honeycomb for Pineapple

Pineapple spriteGo to Animal Village and find the Bear Chef who will gladly take the honeycomb in return for a slice of pineapple.

Pineapple for Flowers

Flowers spriteFind a man on Tal Tal Heights who could do with some food. Give him the pineapple and in return you’ll get some flowers.

Flowers for Love Letters

Love Letter spriteGo back to Animal Village, and find Miss Goat writing a letter. Give her the flowers and she’ll ask you to deliver a love letter.

Love Letter for Broom

Broom spriteDeliver the letter to a certain Mr. Write, who will then give you a broom. Why?

Broom for Fish Hook

Fish Hook spriteTo get a fish hook, give Grandma Ulriral the broom so she can get some cleaning done.

Fish Hook for Mermaid’s Necklace

Mermaid's Necklace spriteGo to Martha’s Bay and diver under the bridge there. Jump onto the fisherman’s boat and give him the fish hook he needs. You’ll be given a mermaid’s necklace in return.

Mermaid’s Necklace for Mermaid’s Scale

Mermaid's Scale spriteFind the mermaid swimming in the sea and give her the necklace. She’ll give you a valuable scale for your troubles.

Mermaid’s Scale for ???

Put the scale on the mermaid statue, which will in turn reveal a secret passage. Go down and claim your prize!