In 2000, NOA (Nintendo Of America) started getting into the habit of making fake websites for its biggest games. The best example of this is the Perfect Dark site ‘dataDyne’. dataDyne were a sinister company in Perfect Dark, so NOA made a website that made it look as if dataDyne were real. The site went as far as to feature a job recruitment page.

So, desperate to get the same hype around Majora’s Mask, NOA made two sites, Z-Science and Radio Zelda. Z-Science was meant to be a company called JRAMOA, who were searching for ‘The One’. ‘The One’ had the DNA code that would save the destruction of the parallel universe to ours, and they let you take an online test to see if you were ‘The One’.

Radio Zelda followed ‘The One’s progress through Majora’s Mask (which is how he would save the parallel universe), and as the last days drew closer they released more audio from their ‘radio station’.

However, both sites have been since shut down.