Boss guide

Woodfall Temple


Odolwa screenshot

Odolwa’s tribal bark is (slightly) worse than his 30-foot bite. Make no mistake, this is one tough battle with so few hearts, but smart evasion and generous use of the surrounding bushes will get you through this. You can attack Odolwa in one of two ways; long-range using the Hero’s Bow, or short-range using the Kokiri Sword.

Of course, using the Bow will help keep you out of harm’s way, but it will take around twenty arrows to bring the dancing warrior down (though replenishments can be found in the bushes). If you use the Sword, you’ll almost certainly receive damage, but the payoff is the advantage of faster and more powerful attacks.

His attacks are three-fold: rapid horizontal slashing, jump thrusts like Link’s Z+A attack, and the summoning of Skulltula enemies. Keep on the move and these latter two won’t pose a problem, but avoid Odolwa while he’s slashing around his body.

Snowfall Temple


Goht screenshot

Goht doesn’t pose much of a problem, but he’s easily one of the most fun Zelda bosses in the series. To begin the boss fight, you need to fire a Fire Arrow at him (he’s frozen).

He’ll charge off, and the idea is to slap your Goron mask on, and use your Goron spike roll to follow and attack him. You have to use the track to your advantage; the Goron roll uses magic, so when you’re getting low, run into the magic pots that line the jumps. As for the jumps themselves, these should be used to propel yourself up and above Goht, to rain down Goron death on him.

Under repeated attacks, Goht will lose his footing and fall on his belly. If you see this coming early enough you have the chance to turn into his body and grind against it until he gets back up, a tactic which will see this battle over quickly.

Goht can inflict damage by kicking up boulders, knocking down stalagtites from the roof, and firing electric balls at you. None of these pose a problem, though the rocks and electric balls are harder to avoid when you’re in the air.

One last thing to watch is the distance you are away from Goht - too far back and he’ll stop and turn to fire lightening at you.

Great Bay Temple


Gyorg screenshot

Gyorg is the hardest boss in the game, unless you can really nail your timings. Start as Link and stun him with your Bow. Put on the Zora mask and quickly swim over to the downed fish and attack him with your fins.

The tricks is getting enough attacks in before turning around and swimming back to the relative safety of the middle platform, otherwise he’ll eat you and spit you out, though not without sapping some of your health first.

If you’re feeling particulary brave, you can stun Gyorg by throwing your fins at him, while underwater as Zora Link. This way, you put yourself up for even more damage, as he regulary unleashes annoying Skellfish into the water.

If you do come to rely on the safety of the main platform, be warned that Gyorg sometimes dives over the platform, which can hurt you or even knock you off into the dangerous water. Watch his movements, and if he begins to back up, stop Z-Targeting him and get ready to roll out of his way.

Stone Tower


Twinmold screenshot

The idea in this fight is to use the Giant’s Mask to attack Twinmold’s heads and tails with your now gargantuan sword. Using the Giant’s Mask constantly depletes your magic, so you have to smash down the pillars around the arena to retrieve magic jars from their debris.

If you completely run out of magic, you have to fight these beasts as normal Link, which takes ages. If you really have no other choice, you can still defeat the pair by using your bow as closely as possible and firing at their weak spots.

The two aren’t that dangerous, simply make sure that when they make a low pass, you move out of their way.


Majora’s Mask

Majora's Mask screenshot

The easiest way to defeat any of Majora’s incarnations is to obtain the Oni Link mask (by trading all the masks in the game with the children running outside the tree on the moon). He fires magic disks that deplete a small amount of magic, but this renders the final fights almost anti-climatic. If you want a real challenge, enter as normal Link.

Majora’s Mask can be defeated by attacking its vulnerable back. You can use a combination of attacks - when he starts spinning, spin-slash him upside-down and then attack with your sword while he’s exposed. And whenever he dives towards you, roll out of harms way, turn around and pelt him with arrows.

After a few hits, he’ll summon the four masks of the previous four bosses who fire electricity balls at you, and you need to hit each of these three times with arrows while avoiding their attacks.

Once these are dispatched, Majora’s Mask unleashes its last attack - a beam of fire which follows you around the room. You can only evade at this point, so wait until the attack is finished and he starts spinning on the ground again, and repeat the initial tactics.

Majora’s Incarnation

Majora's Incarnation screenshot

Majora’s Incarnation moves in a way reminiscent of Odolwa, and is quite fascinating to watch. If you fancy kicking back and watching him for a little while, you won’t come under much attack because this is the easiest of Majora’s forms.

You simply have to follow him, and attack him with your sword. He’s quite fast, so you might want to stay in one spot, or use your Bunny Hood. Under attack, Incarnation will fall down and you have to keep attacking him, but if you’re a good enough shot, you can down him from long range with a Light Arrow.

Majora’s Wrath

Majora's Wrath screenshot

Easily the most visually engaging form of the boss, he’s also the hardest; Wrath has long whips which can be deflected with your shield, but they have a really long range so it can be hard to get close. You’ll need to stun him, and then attack him with a Light Arrow or your Sword.

You can stun him in a few ways - you can use Zora Link’s for instance, but anything that will give you those precious seconds needed to get closer or to line up your aim will do. He has no surprise attacks like Mask, he just gets faster.