Link artAfter he and Princess Zelda locked Ganondorf away in the Sacred Realm, Link spent his days around Hyrule, and slowly befriended Epona. When it was time to carry on his adventures, he was abruptly confronted with the biggest yet.

While taking Epona on a walk through the forest, a strange creature wearing an even stranger mask knocked him down and stole his steed. While he tried to get away, Link leapt and held on to Epona’s legs for dear life. Knocked off, he could only follow the direction in which the escapees went. What he found however, was most strange…

A part of Hyrule that he had never seen, where time seemed to stand still. As he progressed through the chamber, and fell through what seemed to be a portal, he found Skull Kid and the fairies again. Link was transformed into a Deku Scrub by Skull Kid, who quickly left with Tael, while Tatl and Link were left to explore a world on the bring of disaster.

Skull Kid, Tatl and Tael

Skull Kid artA resident of Hyrule’s Lost Woods, Skull Kid finds his way to Termina via the hidden portal, and stumbles upon two fairies named Tatl and Tael. The three of them start causing havoc around Clock Town, but when they get their hands on the powerful Majora’s Mask things get out of control. The whole of Termina is at risk as Majora uses the puppet body to summon the Moon.

Anju and Kafei

Anju artAnju and Kafei were a young couple who had planned to wed. But Kafei had recently gone missing, and then, there’s the small matter of the imminent apocalypse…

Along comes the Hero of Time, who takes it upon himself to solve both problems. The mystery deepens as Kafei is revealed to the the elusive child in a Keaton Mask who always runs to the post box every morning of the first day. Link must find a way to restore Kafei to his former adult self so the couple can be reunited, and he must save Termina from destruction so they can share their lives together.

Happy Mask Salesman

Happy Mask Salesman artThe Happy Mask Salesman, first introduced to Link back in their homeland of Hyrule , seems to have a cosmic knowledge of the world its various parallel universes. He finds himself in a predicament, because while searching for masks in Termina, one of his most valued masks is stolen from him.

He enlists Link, an old employee of his, to search out this mask. What he doesn’t tell Link, however, is that the mask takes control of whoever wears it, and the mask has quite a mischievous personality…


Tingle artTingle, a strange 35 year old who thinks that he’s a fairy, sells maps to Link on his journey. He enjoys floating around on his red balloon, though Link will have to get his attention one way or another…