Items & equipment


Hero’s Sword

{img src="swordkokiri.png" alt="Art" title="Majora's Mask item art"]While this sword is not very long, it is fairly powerful.

Double-Edged Sword

ArtThis sword is much more powerful than the Hero’s Sword, as it has two blades. Unfortunately the range is not much better.

Gilded Sword

The Gilded Sword is the most powerful of the three swords, as it is coated in a special metal. It is also the longest.


Hero’s Bow

ArtYou receive this bow after defeating the first mini-boss in Woodfall Temple. It fires arrows, which you can enchant with the following spells:

Fire Arrow

ArtThe Fire Arrow is received when you defeat the first mini-boss of Snowhead Temple. The fire arrows can be used to melt ice, but use up magic at the same time.

Ice Arrow

ArtThese are found in Great Bay Temple after you defeat, yes, you guessed it, the first mini-boss. They can create icy platforms in water and freeze some enemies.

Light Arrow

ArtThese are found in the Stone Tower after you defeat the first mini-boss. They are used to defeat dark enemies.


Barrel Bomb

ArtYou have to use this bomb to clear the way to the Goron Races. However, you can only hold it as Goron Link.


ArtThese are kept in a bomb-bag. There is a four-second fuse on them, and can be picked up again once placed.


ArtBombchu’s are hard to aim, but only because they’re a bit crazy. Once placed, it starts moving very fast in a straight line. It can climb walls and ceilings, and has a long fuse.


Hylian Shield

ArtYou can use these shield to deflect attacks. This is the Hylian Shield from Ocarina Of Time, but since then Link has learned how to wield it properly.

Mirror Shield

A larger Shield than the Hylian equivalent, the Mirror Shield can also be used to reflect light in different directions. This is especially helpful in the Stone Tower.

Dungeon Items

Boss Key

ArtThese boss keys are found in various chests throughout the game’s dungeons. There is one per dungeon, and they open the door to the boss room.


ArtThe compass locates secret treasure chests, so that you can find out where keys and weapons might be stored.


Blue Potion

ArtThe Blue potion recovers all of your Magic and Life meters.

Green Potion

ArtThe Green potion recovers all of your Magic meter.

Red Potion

ArtThe Red potion recovers all of your Life meter.

Pink Fairy

The Pink fairy can be used to restore your life meter, but it can also be kept, and will automatically revive you if you lose your health.

Magic Bottle

ArtYou receive these from doing things like cutting down bushes and killing minor enemies. When you pick one up, your magic bar replenishes slightly.


ArtThis is stored in a bottle. You can buy it for 50 rupees from the ranch, and each bottle contains two uses. Each time you use it you replenish health.



ArtThe Hookshot, although different to illustrated here, is an improved version of the one found in Hyrule. It’s found in the Pirate’s Fortress and can be used to latch onto walls.

Deku Nuts

ArtDeku Nuts, once thrown, produce a blinding flash for a short time. This can be use to stun various enemies.

Deku Sticks

ArtFlammable, these can be used to burn down webs. They can also be used as a last-ditch sword if needed. They are prone to breaking, however.

Lens of Truth

ArtWhen you look through the Lens Of Truth, you see things that you otherwise couldn’t. Hidden doors, platforms and items all show up through this lens.

Magic Beans

ArtMagic Beans are planted in soft soil, and used to create floating platforms.