Secrets & tricks

Kill Sakon

When Sakon is stealing bombs from the old lady in North Clock Town on the first night, shoot an arrow at him and he’ll blow up. He won’t appear in any of the three days following.

Stone Mask shenanigans

We all know that if you wear the Stone Mask enemies can’t see you. Well, the best bit about it is that neither can the Gerudo guards. So next time you try an infiltrate the base try donning the Stone Mask!

Wear Fierce Deity Mask everywhere

To wear the Fierce Deity’s Mask outside of boss rooms, first you must restart the three-day cycle with the Song Of Time. Then, put on the Bunny Hood, warp to the third day and go to Sakon’s hideout in Ikana Canyon.

Once there, slow down time with the Inverted Song Of Time (C-Down, A, C-Right; C-Down, A, C-Right), go up to the right side of the boulder entrance and find the thin crack between the boulder and the mountain-side.

Now, back away from that crack, run at it full-speed (with the Bunny Hood on) and roll into the crack. This may take several tries. Also, you might get through but fall into the sub-world void. Your saved files and cartridge will be fine, just try again.

Once inside, talk to Kafei (though keep the Bunny Hood on). The two of you will then start the race to get the Sun Mask. Early in the race, you will gain temporary control of Kafei.

When you do, press Start and equip the Fierce Deity’s Mask to whatever C-Button you have the Bunny Hood assigned to. (Link should still be wearing the Bunny Hood.) When you regain control of Link, he’ll put on the Fierce Deity’s mask! Hurrah!

Note: You must finish the race to use the mask outside. If you fail, you have to reset your N64. Also, if you go into Clock Town, you won’t be able to leave. If you do go inside Clock Town, though, try to exit by passing by one of the guards guarding one of the exits. Apparently, you’re too small to be allowed to leave - oh the irony.
Breaking and entering
There is an alternative way to enter thief Sakon’s Hideout whenever you feel like screwing over the evil mastermind. By doing this, you may fall through the floor, or reappear from the last entrance that you came from, but if you do it right you will get in.

On the right hand side of the rock that is guarding there is a crack, and if you roll at the right angle into it the chances are that you go into his hideout. You can try the mini ‘game’ but you can only get as far as Kafei’s second room.

Free bombs and full health

Free bombs and full health screenshotTo use the Blast Mask (without taking damage), equip the Blast Mask, hold out your shield with R and press the C-Button you assigned to the mask to (while holding R). Done properly, you should take no damage.

Shooting innocents for extra time

If you play the target game at Honey & Darling’s Shop in East Clock Town (only available on the third day), you can (temporarily) stop the clock by shooting them, making their talking take up the screen space where the clock was!

Hard as a cloud

When you are in the final dungeon and you have turned it upside down, go to the first room (the one without a ceiling). You will find a couple of boxes in there. Pick one up and throw it down into the sky. Guess what! It breaks! Perhaps this parallel world called Termina is enclosed in some kind of dome or something… who knows.

The same thing can also happen when you’re out on Termina field. Find a gossip stone and place a bomb at it. When it explodes the gossip stone will soar into the air. Keep watching it for a while even when you can no longer see it, and you will see an explosion as it hits the sky!

Epona inside Clock Town

To ride Epona inside Clock Town, start a game in the first file (either a brand-new or continued file) and save and quit at the Owl Statue in South Clock Town. Then, start a game in the second file (new or continued).

Call Epona, hop on, and head for the Owl Statue on Milk Road. Save and quit there while still sitting on Epona. Now, start the first file again and you’ll be riding Epona in Clock Town! You can go anywhere in the small town, but you’ll have to dismount to enter buildings.

If you do go in a building, though, you’ll lose Epona and have to go out to Termina Field to see her again. She’ll also leave if leave town without her.

Invisible Fairy Sword

Invisible Fairy Sword screenshotTo get an invisible Great Fairy’s Sword, go to any mailbox in Clock Town. When it asks you to deposit something, select the Great Fairy’s Sword, even though the mailbox declines it. Once you leave the mailbox, it’ll look like Link’s still holding the sword, even though there’s nothing there! You can still cut things with it and use it like normal, but now it’s invisible!

Note: If you go to another area or switch items, the sword will reappear.

Fix broken signs

To fix any signs you may have ‘accidentally’ destroyed, play the Song Of Healing next to them.

Hurt Kafei

Blowing up Keaton screenshotBut yes, there is a catch. It’s Kafei on Day 1 morning. Have you noticed that weird person wearing the keaton mask in the morning who posts the letter? Well that’s Kafei. If you are feeling particularly spiteful run up to him anytime when he is on his rounds in the morning with the Blast Mask and blow up next to him. I haven’t been able to kill him yet, however. Damn.