Boss guide

Great Deku Tree



For the game’s first boss, make sure that you have plenty of Deku Seeds for your Slingshot, but a word of warning: Do not use Deku Nuts for Gohma! They have been tied with a bug in the game that means if you use a Deku Nut against Gohma, the game will freeze around 10 minutes later.

When you enter the boss room, look at the ceiling and Gohma’s eye should open and look back at you. When she comes down Z-target her. Wait for her eye to turn red and fire a Seed at her. When she is stunned, start attacking her with your sword like mad. At this point she will run off and up the wall.

Try and shoot her eye manually before she starts dropping eggs (Because they’re really annoying). Destroy the eggs if they are released before they turn into mini Gohma. Gohma will drop again and just repeat the Slingshot - Sword process.

Dodongo’s Cavern

King Dodongo


When you enter this boss room, you will notice that there is lava in the middle, and a track all the way around the outside. King Dodongo has two attacks. The first is to breath fire at you, and the second is the crush you when he is in a ball.

To avoid the fire, run as far away from him as possible, and to avoid the ball, stand still and bend over using the Hylian Shield. This way he will roll over you.

However, he opens his mouth before either one of these attacks. When this happens, take out a bomb and throw it into his mouth. If you get it right, he will eat the bomb and it will blow up inside him.

He’ll collapse and that is your cue to start swinging for him. Keep slashing him with your sword, until he gets back on his feet. Repeat this until he dies.

Jabu Jabu’s Belly

Big Octo

Big Octo

This one is thankfully quite easy. Throw a boomerang at him so he starts spinning around. Do this until his back is exposed. Throw a boomerang at that to stun him and then start attacking him with your sword. Keep on doing this.



If you are hurt in this battle, there are numerous pots littered around the room which contain hearts.

Start running at the start, as electric bolts are fired at you. Then Z-target the tentacles above Barinade and throw your boomerang at them to take them out.
Beri’s are launched from Barinade, and to avoid these keep to the outside of the arena. Throw your boomerang at them and after a while you will expose the core. When that is exposed, throw a boomerang to stun it. Start attacking it with your sword until its no longer stunned, and repeat. When you have done this, be prepared for an amazing sequence of events!

Forest Temple

Phantom Ganondorf

Phantom Ganondorf

When he jumps into a picture, stand in the centre of the room and go into your bow’s first person view. Two of the paintings will have a Phantom riding towards the room, but one is fake. The one that is fake will turn away, but the one that is real will have purple ball of energy. Manually fire an arrow at the real one. Do this three times. If you miss, run to the edge of the arena to avoid the attack half the time.
After the three hits, Z-target him and hit back any energy bolts he fires at you. He may sometimes hit it back at you, but don’t stop repelling them. When the bolt hits him he will collapse, so just start slashing him with your sword.

Fire Temple

Flare Dancer

When the black ball is in the flames, use either a bomb or the hookshot to get him out. Start hitting him with your sword to destroy him.



There are several holes in this boss room. When lava starts spewing out of one of them, run up to it and smack Volvagia’s head as it pops out. You may want to wait a second to get so close as when his head first comes out it flicks to the side.
Quickly start swinging for him with your sword. When he goes underground, repeat this process. If rocks start falling, run to the edge and hold onto it. This will prevent any rocks hitting you. After a time it is hard to know which hole Volvagia will come out of because two will start to spit lava.

Water Temple

Dark Link

This one is pretty easy, but it can be strangely satisfying to duel with yourself! Either slash Dark Link with your Biggoron’s Sword, or use Din’s Fire on him. You will notice that if you try and use your Master Sword he can parry and dodge all of your attacks, and you’re usually not quick enough to do the same to him.



A lot of people find this boss hard, but all you have to do is dodge the tentacle and Longshot the nucleus out. Once it is in your possession, start hitting it with your sword. To make sure that the tentacle cannot reach you, stand in the corner of the room.

Kakariko Village Well

Dead Hand

You will see that in the room there are four funny looking arms sticking out of the ground. Let one of them grab you so that the boss arrives. To get out, smack B repeatedly as fast as your little thumb will let you. When he lowers his head, release a charged magic sword attack. Repeat till fade.

Shadow Temple

Bongo Bongo

Bongo Bongo

After an easy dungeon, you get this. A very hard boss. Put on your Hover Boots so that you don’t lose your balance and also the Lens Of Truth. Z-target a hand and fire some arrows at it. Then Z-target the other hand and paralyze that one too. If you do not paralyze the hands, possible attacks include being punched, slapped, squeezed or worse.
When his face is in view, shoot something, anything, at it, like a arrow or Longshot. When he falls down, run over to him and start attacking with your sword. You may only need to repeat this once more if you are fast.

Spirit Temple

Iron Knuckle

This armoured guy is strong, but not invincible. Go close so that he swings for you. Either back flip or side jump out of the way. When his axe gets stuck in the ground, start attacking him with your sword.



This is possibly one of the hardest bosses in the game. First of all, you have to deflect a ball of energy coming from one sister to the other sister with your Mirror Shield. After doing this a few times (easier said than done) the sisters morph together.

Absorb her attacks with the Mirror Shield and then after absorbing the third she will fall. With the Hover Boots on, run over to her and attack her with your sword.

Ganon’s Tower

Ganondorf Dragmire


As soon as this fight starts, run straight to the corner of the room. Any corner will do, it just prevents him from destroying too much of the room. Keep smacking the balls of light he fires at you back at him, until one hits him. When he is electrified, take out a light arrow and fire it at him.
He will collapse to the ground, so then run over to him. Take out your Megaton Hammer and start hitting him with it. Alternatively, keep doing quick spins with your sword. If you do it right, he won’t have the time to get back up. If he does, though, run back to your corner and repeat.

Sometimes, however, he will fire multiple balls at you. In this case, charge up a spin and release just as they are going to hit you. Also, don’t wait on his platform, as he will slam his fist into the ground and the chances are that you come flying off the platform. If this happens, climb back up one of the pillars using the foot holds.



This is it, the big battle. After you lose your sword, Z-target his face and shoot him with an ordinary arrow. While he is stunned, run to his tail and hit him with either the Megaton Hammer or Biggoron’s Sword. Keep doing this until Ganon falls down.

Collect the Master Sword and repeat this process. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can forgo the stun procedure and roll from his front, under his legs, and out by his tail, which you can quickly attack.

If you run out of magic or arrows, lure Ganon towards a pillar and watch him break it apart with a mighty swipe. Supplies, magic refills and hearts will fall from the debris.