Kakariko Village

Anju (or, “Chicken Lady”, as she was affectionately referred to before the release of Majora’s Mask) has lost her seven Cuccos. If you help her catch them, she’ll give you your first bottle as a reward.

  • The first is close to the pen.
  • Another is in a crate by the Village Hall. You can hear the box clucking.
  • One is by the village entrance.
  • One is by the Death Mountain Trail gate.
  • You need to use a Cucco to glide from the house under construction, to a ledge near the House of Skulltula.
  • You need to use another Cucco to glide from the fence by the Windmill to the hidden section with a hole in it.
  • The final Cucco is behind the Windmill; you need to use the ladder from the last Cucco.

Lon Lon Ranch

Talon has a game in the day where you have to find three special Cuccos that he throws in amongst all his other Cuccos. It’s hard, but if you clear the area by throwing the Cuccos behind Talon before starting the game, it’s a little easier.

Lake Hylia

The third bottle is at the bottom of Lake Hylia. This bottle is necessary if you want to get into Jabu Jabu’s Belly, and you can find it by the Lake Hylian entrance to the Lake-Zora’s Domain shortcut, which is near the shoreline. Just dive down to get it.

Poe Trader

As an adult, visit the Guard House in Hyrule Castle Town, which is now occupied by a Poe Trader. To get this bottle, you need to collect ten Big Poes from Hyrule. They only appear when you’re on Epona, and once defeated, you need to bottle their souls and sell them to the Poe Trader. Here are there locations:

  • Entrance to Lon Long Ranch
  • Ledge looking at stairs to Kakariko Village
  • Path to Hyrule Castle Town, near sign
  • Tunnel to Kokiri Forest
  • Around a boulder in the eastern field
  • South of that boulder, by trees
  • Entrance to Gerudo Valley, by the tree
  • Split in the path to Gerudo Valley
  • River west of Hyrule Castle Town
  • Fence to Lake Hylia

Bonus bottle!

If you want a fifth, or even sixth bottle, and you have an unneeded item like the receipt for Biggoron’s Sword, then go out with a normal bottle and swipe to catch something. Before you actually get it, press start and swap the bottle with something else (like the receipt). The item will be replaced by a bottle, and you can keep anything in it. However, make sure you will never need the replaced item again because once you have swapped it, it’s gone forever.