Link artLink, the boy destined to become the Hero Of Time, was born a Kokiri. A war forced his endangered Hyrulian mother to abandon Link in Kokiri Forest when he was very young, and because of his Hyrulian lineage, he always seemed different to the other children of the Kokiri.

The arrival of Ganondorf upon Hyrule led to the death of The Great Deku Tree, the life force and protector of Kokiri Forest. Despite Link and his new fairy companion, Navi’s best efforts, they could not stop Ganondorf’s curse. It was then that the boy of ten years was thrown in a quest to save his country from the grasp of the vile Ganondorf.

It was soon apparent that such a young boy was not going to be able to defeat Ganondorf. Link was put into a deep sleep for seven years, and when he woke found that all too much had changed. Ganondorf had taken over Hyrule, twisting his evil into every nook and cranny. Link, a child in an adult’s body, sought to awaken the seven sages, and with their help he sealed Ganondorf away in the Sacred Realm.

Link had become the Hero Of Time, a legend to be passed on down the generations. He was sent back to his own time by the Princess Zelda, where he would embark on further adventures…

Princess Zelda

Zelda artWhen Princess Zelda was very young, she possessed mystical powers. She could sense the evil in the King’s new servant, Ganondorf, when her father could not.

Her fears were justified when Ganondorf tried to kidnap the Princess. Impa saved her from this fate, however, and escaped with Zelda on horseback. Over the years Impa showed Zelda the magical ways, and Zelda learned how to change her complete appearance. It was because of this ability that her alter-ego, Sheik, was created.

She eluded Ganondorf for years with her new-found powers. She helped Link along on his journey by teaching him melodies for the Ocarina that she gave him seven years ago. Her journey as her alter-ego came to a climax in the Temple of Time where she revealed her true identity. Ganondorf found her and imprisoned her.

In Link’s final battle, where Ganondorf was defeated, Zelda was released and the two fled the castle together. Zelda then helped defeat the newly formed Ganon with her magical powers.

It was her rightful duty to send Link back to his own time, but the two met again, and Zelda taught him the Song Of Time. It is not known if they ever met each other after this…

Ganondorf Dragmire

Ganondorf artEvery 100 years, a male is born into the Gerudo family. Ganondorf Dragmire was such a male, but he was no ordinary male. The Gerudo pirates may be thieves, but they are not evil. Ganondorf, though, was the very meaning of the word, and was destined by the Triforce of Power to bring Hyrule to its knees.

The Dark Prince earned the trust of the Hyrulian family and became on of the King’s servants. He had fooled all, except a certain Princess. When Link disappeared for seven long years, Ganondorf rained his evil across Hyrule. He froze the water in Zora’s Domain and attacked the children of the Kokiri.

His reign came to an end when Link broke through the magical barriers to his castle. A fight took place at the top of it, where Link defeated the Dark Prince. With his remaining power and might, Ganondorf sent his castle crashing down. From the rubble emerged his more powerful, yet more primitive alter-ego, Ganon. Trying to use brute force to destroy Link didn’t work, and with the power of the seven sages and a final blow with the Master Sword he was banished to the Sacred Realm…


Daurina artDaurina is the King of the Gorons. He became an enemy of Ganondorf when the Dark Prince blocked off the entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern, and therefore cutting off Goron City’s supply of food: bomb plants. When Link retrieved the city’s Goron Ruby from the depths of the cavern, he and Daurina became sworn brothers.

Then, seven years later, Link returned to Goron’s City to find it deserted, bar a young Goron named Link. Daurina was imprisoned in the Fire Temple when Link freed him and his Goron allies. After the two of them escaped the Temple, and peace was restored to the Goron people, Daurina and Link became sword brothers.


Epona artEpona was looked after by Malon, Talon and Ingo on Lon Lon Ranch right from birth. As a young pony, she was introduced to a young fairy boy named Link. They didn’t exactly hit it off, Link spent most of his time chasing her around the field!

One day, Epona’s world began to change. Under the new management of Ingo, the Ranch became a decidedly more unpleasant place to be. Years past, but one day a familiar face returned. Aged, Link competed in a race for Epona and won her. For the rest of Link’s adventure, the two formed a bond as two survivors of Ganondorf’s regime, and worked together to end it.


Impa artImpa, the last of the Sheikiah race, acts as Zelda’s maid. She is her protector against all harm and is someone that Zelda trusts and confides in. When Ganondorf tried to kidnap Zelda, Impa was the one who saved her from harm. She spent years teaching the young Zelda the ways of the Sheikiah, until Zelda was able enough to change even her appearance. No one knows what happened to Impa after Link returned seven years later after his disappearance, however…

Kaebora Gaebora

Kaebora artKaebora Gaebora is an owl being, but he is said to be the reincarnation of a sage. He is a wise old owl who helps Link on his journey to becoming the Hero Of Time. They first meet when Link leaves the safety of the Forest, and it is of great comfort to him to see a friendly face in this huge new world.

Malon and Talon

Malon artTalon is the lazy, overweight owner of Lon Lon Ranch. That isn’t to say he’s a bad man, far from it. He just likes to snooze every now and again. Malon is his daughter, and she introduced Link to Epona. Even in her younger incarnation, she does most of the work around the farm, especially when it comes to horses. Ingo, the hired help around the place, doesn’t help her because he doesn’t have any time for work when he puts so much effort into moaning.


Mido artMido has many ill-feelings towards Link. He thinks that he is the greatest of all the Kokiri, and deserves to be the favourites with The Great Deku Tree and Saria, but it ends up being Link who takes both titles. What Mido doesn’t know, however, is that Link has a destiny to move on to greater things, but knowing Mido, it’s best he doesn’t find out…


Ruto artUnlike Zelda, Princess Ruto is anything but modest about her position as daughter of the King Zora. For instance, when the poor girl gets swallowed by a cursed Lord Jabu Jabu, she doesn’t exactly help Link in her own rescue. For this reason, Link spends a lot of his time inside the great fish’s belly carrying Ruto around. However, she obviously falls for his charm when they succeed in escaping because she asks for his hand in marriage!


Saria artSaria, Link’s best friend for many years, has to bid Link a tearful farewell when Link heads off into Hyrule. She leaves him with a gift, the Fairy Ocarina.

Seven years later, however, they are reunited. Saria, the Forest Sage, is awakened by Link and helps with the imprisonment of Ganondorf.