Kokiri Sword

Kokiri SwordThe Kokiri Sword is Link’s first sword. He gets it in Kokiri Forest during his training.

Master Sword

Master SwordThe Master Sword is the sword trusted upon only the bravest of heroes. It’s range and power surpasses that of the Kokiri Sword.

Giant’s Knife/Biggoron’s Sword

Giant's Knife/Biggoron's SwordThese two swords look very similar, but there is a major difference. The Biggoron’s Sword takes a lengthy trading sequence to get but unlike the Giant’sKnife it doesn’t snap on impact. They are so big and heavy that Link needs two hands to hold it, meaning that he can’t use a shield at the same time.


Deku Shield

Deku ShieldThe Deku Shield is fragile, but cheap. Made of wood, it offers no protection from fire.

Hylian Shield

Hylian ShieldThe Hylian Shield is a replica of the ones used in battle by the old Knights of Hyrule. Child Link is too small to hold it properly in combat, so it is better to use the Deku Shield when playing as him.

Mirror Shield

Mirror ShieldThe Mirror Shield offers the same protection as the Hylian Shield, but reflects magic and light.


Kokiri Tunic

Kokiri TunicThe Kokiri Tunic is the clothing of all Kokiri children. It offers protection from the weather, but not much else.

Goron Tunic

Goron TunicThe Goron Tunic is more than a nice color. It gives Link complete protection from serious heat that could otherwise sap his life.

Zora Tunic

Zora TunicThe Zora Tunic lets Link breath underwater when he is using the Iron Boots.


Kokiri Boots

Kokiri BootsThe Kokiri Boots are the standard footwear that Link normally wears.

Iron Boots

Iron BootsThese Iron Boots make Link walk slower, but if he tries to go into water with them on, he will sink to the bottom. With the Zora Tunic, he can then explore underwater areas.

Hover Boots

Hover BootsThe Hover Boots let Link walk over empty spaces for a limited time. This enables Link access places he couldn’t have otherwise jumped to. They have very little grip, though.

Projectile Storage

Deku Seed Bag

Deku Seed BagThe Deku Seed Bag is used to keep your Deku Seeds in, for use in your Slingshot. The total capacity can be increased.


QuiverLike the Deku Seed Bag, this quiver is upgradable. It is used to keep your arrows in for use in your Fairy Bow.

Bomb Bag

Bomb BagThe Bomb Bag can be used by either Child or Adult Link. It is used to keep bombs and Bombchus in. This too can have its total capacity upped.


Goron’s Bracelet

Goron's BraceletThis is the first item you get that helps you pick up heavy objects. Near the end of the game you get Silver and Golden Gauntlets. You can pick up almost anything with the Golden Gauntlets.

Silver Scale

Silver ScaleWith the Silver Scale, Link can dive under water further than he previously could.

Golden Scale

Golden ScaleWhen Link has this, he can dive for a total of 10 seconds. This isn’t needed to complete the game.