Deku Stick

The Deku Stick is used as your first weapon. You won’t use it for long - you get the Kokiri Sword soon enough. It is prone to snapping after a few collisions.

Fairy Slingshot

You find this weapon in the Deku Tree, and it is used for ranged combats and puzzles. It fires Deku Seeds, which you can find in plants.


This is used to stun bigger enemies and kill smaller ones. It always comes back to you, and can be thrown around corners to hit obstructed switches. It can be tricky to aim so use Z-Targeting for help.

Deku Nut

The Deku Nut is used to stun early bosses and enemies with the bright flash of light it emits when thrown at the ground. They are very common in Hyrule.


The bomb can be used as either a weapon or to blow up cracked walls. They have a four second fuse, so you have that long to get out of the blast radius otherwise you will be hurt. They are carried in a Bomb Bag.


Bombchus are metal versions of the real Bombchu animals. It has a fuse and if it doesn’t hit anything before it runs out it will blow up. It can crawl up walls and roofs.

Megaton Hammer

This mighty hammer is used to slam down rusted switches and hammer bigger enemies. Ganondorf can be hurt most with this weapon.

Fairy Bow

The Fairy Bow can only be used by Adult Link. It is used to shoot enemies and switches, and you can also use it while riding Epona. It takes arrows (obviously) which you keep in a quiver. You can get three magic arrows for the bow, too.

Magic Arrows


It takes 2mp to charge an arrow up with fire, but it increases the hit value of the arrow, and you can melt ice with it too.


Ice magic also uses up 2mp each time you charge an arrow up with it. You can freeze enemies with them.


These arrows take 4mp to charge up with light power. However, only light arrows will break through Ganondorf’s dark magic.

Other Items

Fairy Ocarina

In many ways the Fairy Ocarina is similar to the Ocarina Of Time. However, it doesn’t possess any powers, it is just a musical instrument.

Ocarina of Time

The Ocarina Of Time possess’ the power to move objects, send you through time and warp you to other locations. It once belonged to the Princess Zelda.

Lens of Truth

The Lens Of Truth shows you which walls and platforms are real, and which are fake. Fake walls can be walked through and fake platforms cannot be seen with the human eye, but can still be walked on. This item drains your magic.

Magic Beans

If you find some loose soil, with a hole in it to plant these in, plant a seed. Eventually they will sprout and become a platform that takes you to certain places. You can find secrets this way. A word of warning; their price increases 10 rupee’s each time you want to buy some.


The Hookshot can be used for the same jobs as the Boomerang, but now you can use it to pull yourself to new areas. The red dot shows you where you are aiming. If there is no red dot your target is out of range. Later in the game you can upgrade this to a Longshot which has a greater firing range.

Empty Bottle

There are 4 Empty Bottles that you can get, and in them you can carry a variety of things:
Green Medicine - refills Magic meter
Red Medicine - refills Life energy
Blue Medicine - refills Life and Magic
Pink Fairy - Recovers all of your life when you die.
Lon Lon Milk - 2 portions recover some Life.
There are also items you can store such as bugs or fish.


The Happy Mask shop gets you to deliver masks to people in Hyrule, some times for a profit and sometimes for a loss, but at the end you get the sought after Mask of Truth.

Heart Container

The Heart Container is received when a boss has been killed. It adds another heart to your Life Meter.

Heart Piece

If you get four Heart Pieces then your Life Meter maximum capacity increases by one heart.

Stone of Agony

You get this after killing 20 Golden Skulltulas from the House Of Skulltula. If you have a Rumble Pak, then this will start to rumble if you are near a secret.

Gerudo Membership Card

When you have saved all four carpenters by infiltrating the Gerudo’s Fortress, they will present this to you. You can then enter the Haunted Wasteland, the Gerudo Training Grounds and you can move freely around the fortress.


Magic Jar

Magic jar’s are used to refill Link’s magic bar. They can be found all over Hyrule in bushes and pots. You can also get large Magic jars which completely refill your magic meter.

Din’s Fire (6mp)

When overcome with enemies, set off a Din’s Fire spell to seriously damage everyone in its radius. It takes 6mp to activate.

Farore’s Wind (6mp)

This 6mp spell creates a warp point in a dungeon where you can travel to at any time by reusing the spell.

Nayru’s Love (12mp)

When you use this 12mp spell, a protective barrier forms around Link, and he cannot be harmed by enemies. It wears off after a short time.

Dungeon Items

Dungeon Map

The Dungeon Map is found in the respective dungeon and lets you see rooms that you haven’t visited in the pause menu.


The Compass shows you where chests are and where the boss is in the dungeon you found it in.

Boss Key

The Boss Key opens the door to the dungeon boss.