Master Quest

Master Quest logoIn 1998, Nintendo announced that they were producing a new add-on console called the Nintendo 64DD, a system that would sit underneath the original N64 console and use larger, cheaper disks. They would release a version of Ocarina of Time called Ura Ocarina of Time that was rumoured to enlarge Hyrule, add characters, dungeons and items that were not available in the original game.

The N64DD was released in Japan in 1999 with a limited launch to appease fans who had been rabidly awaiting its arrival. However, with only 20,000 units produced, Nintendo’s support soon wavered. With such a small market, they gave away all N64DD games, expansion paks and peripherals free with a subscription to the Randnet service, an early foray into the online world. After 5 months, games were no longer released, and Nintendo cancelled Ura Ocarina of Time.

In 2002, it was announced that 100,000 lucky Japanese gamers would receive a bonus disk when they pre-ordered The Wind Waker. In it, they would find an emulated version of Ocarina of Time in 60fps and progressive-scan, but also, Ura Ocarina of Time. When the disk came to America and Europe, the game was renamed Ocarina of Time: Master Quest.

Gamer’s soon found out that this wasn’t so much an expansion of Ocarina of Time as it was a remix. It followed a formula seen in the original Legend of Zelda game where a second quest would have the same overworld, while dungeons were made harder both with trickier puzzles that played on your knowledge of the previous quests, and also tougher enemies making earlier appearances.