Ocarina songs

Normal songs

Zelda’s Lullaby

Ocarina notesHow to get this song
This is the first song you learn, and will be taught to you by Impa shortly after you meet Zelda for the first time in the castle courtyard. She explains that the song is a sign of the Royal Family of Hyrule, and a song she used to put Zelda to sleep when she was a baby.

How to use this song
Whenever you need to show your connection to the royal family, play this song. Initially to open Darunia’s chamber, but subsequently whenever you see a Triforce sign. It is used to control the water level in the Water Temple, and open the grave where you gain the Sun’s Song.

Saria’s Song

Ocarina notesHow to get this song
Find Saria in the Sacred Meadow when prompted by Navi to learn this song. The quickest route would be to go to Goron City and open the gate into the Lost Woods from there.

How to use this song
Talk to Saria whenever you like. She’ll give you advice on what to do next, much like Navi (only less moronic). Perhaps more importantly, play it to Darunia to cheer him up, and to the Skullkid to prove you know Saria.

Epona’s Song

Ocarina notesHow to get this song
After you wake Talon outside Hyrule Castle (as Young Link) Malon will be singing on Lon Lon Ranch. Go and talk to her about Epona. The horse will initally run from you, but then if you pull out your Ocarina, Malon will teach you the song she is singing; Epona’s song.

How to use this song
To call Epona; Instrumental in the quest to obtain her as an adult, but rather useless as Young Link. Thankfully it has another purpose, sing it in front of Cows and they will tell you how it reminds them of the pasture (Hylian cows talk?) and give you Milk if you have a free bottle. As mentioned before, use it as an Adult to call Epona, though you can only call her in areas she could normally reach, such as Hyrule Field, Lake Hylia, the Gerudo Fortress, etc.

Sun’s Song

Ocarina notesHow to get this song
In the Graveyard as Young Link go to the far end where there’s a large gravestone with a Triforce symbol in front of it. Play Zelda’s Lullaby and the gravestone will be destroyed by lightening. Inside is a tiny dungeon with three chambers. In the first destroy all the Keese to progress (the torches are unrelated), and in the next try your best to bypass the Redead. Proceed to the final chamber where you will find an epitaph for the royal family, and scribbled near the bottom… The Sun’s Song!

How to use this song
Turns Night to Day and Day to Night. Using the song in the presence of Undead (particularly Redead and Gibdos) will freeze them where they stand, as if they were struck by a Deku Nut (only longer lasting) allowing you to kill them easily. Note that if you use the song in an area where time does not pass in real time, it will return you to the your most recent exit.

Song of Time

Ocarina notesHow to get this song
When you find the Ocarina of Time in the moat, Zelda has somehow managed to leave you a message, which teaches you the song.

How to use this song
Opens the Door of Time and it also moves “Time Blocks” in general. What is a Time Block you may ask? Giant metal cubes with the same symbol as on the Doors of Time. Often blue. Using the Song near them makes them appear, disappear or reappear. If Navi goes green but refuses to tell you why, there is a chance that a Time Block lays hidden nearby, awaiting the Song of Time to awaken it. Try it when you need a platform to gain height.

Song of Storms

Ocarina notesHow to get this song
As Adult Link go to the Windmill in Kakariko and use your Ocarina in front of Guru Guru (he’ll be ranting about how much he hates the “Ocarina Kid”), and he’ll teach you the song that he learned from you seven years ago. Wait… you learned it… then taught it to the person who teaches you… Paradox? Not really, the song’s been playing in the background of the windmill all along, Guru Guru’s just an idiot.

How to use this song
A real multi-purpose song, it’s first function is to empty the well in the past. It makes rain start (ironic that this should drain the well) and thunder sound in the background. I thought this was cool enough by itself, but it’s a mere fraction of what the Song’s capable of. As Young Link play it near a planted Magic Bean to make it sprout into a tall vine-like thing and it will produce three fairies. Handy. If Navi is inexplicably green (again), near water in particular, it may indicate a Big Fairy. Use the song, and if there is one near by, it should appear in a swirl of gold light (like when a chest appears.) This is the only way to find Big Fairies, which appear just to be large spheres of pink light. They heal your health to max as well as mana (MP), like a Blue Potion. Unfortunately, they cannot be bottled. There is an empty oasis near the Spirit Temple which bears fruit when the Song of Storms is used nearby.

Scarecrow’s Song

How to get this song
Talk to Boniruu the scarecrow as Young Link then pull out the Ocarina. Strum out six or so notes and he’ll remember it. I advise something simple and boring, like right, left, right, left… and so on, or simply repeating A. You don’t want it to conflict with an existing song.

How to use this song
To activate the song you must talk to Boniruu as Adult Link and play the song again. He’ll give some rant, the main point of which being that he’ll tell Pierrè (the other scarecrow) about it. Anyway, if Navi is floating around being green (yes, again) and won’t yield a reason, particularly if she’s far away, try this song. If you’re in the right place, Pierrè will pop up near Navi, allowing you to Hook (or Long) shot over. There is a point on top of the lakeside Laboratory to test it out on, and one inside Death Mountain.

Warp songs

These are taught as you enter each of the six temples for the first time.

Minuet of Forest

Ocarina notesWarps to: Forest Temple

Bolero of Fire

Ocarina notesWarps to: Fire Temple

Serenade of Water

Ocarina notesWarps to: Water Temple

Nocturne of Shadow

Ocarina notesWarps to: Shadow Temple

Requiem of Spirit

Ocarina notesWarps to: Spirit Temple

Prelude of Light

Ocarina notes Warps to: Temple of Time