Secrets & tricks

By using some of these tricks, you run the risk of harming your console, your cartridge, or even erasing your game save. Perform the following at your own risk.

Master Trick

This trick must be performed before you attempt any Swordless Link tricks. Unfortunately, it only works with earlier versions of the game.

In the final fight with Ganon, wait for him to smack away your Master Sword outside the ring of fire. When you no longer have it, save your game and reset. Play your saved game again and without your sword and you will have a Deku Stick (warning, don’t press B to swing the Deku Stick as the game will crash).

Purple mist

Go to Hyrule Field during the day and get on Epona (call her with your Ocarina if you need to). Then ride to Lon Lon Ranch and take up the obstacle course. Dismount Epona and play the Song Of Storms. Enjoy!


Nimble as a cat

If you enter the Gerudo Horse Archery training after you’ve got the Gerudo member’s card, ride down to the end of the course. There is a long fence in front of the bottles and the 3 large targets. Line Epona up with this so she’s facing it long ways i.e. the thin end. From a moderate distance, ride up to it at full speed and Epona will jump onto the fence just like a cat. Magic! However although it is possible to get down, it took me a long time, so if you are going to do this save it first so you can restart.

Epona the invincible

Go to Lon Lon Ranch with Epona where the horses graze. There are two metal fences. Ride Epona slowly up to the larger gate so her head is just leaning over it. Dismount and watch her for a while. When she rears, her head will come down through the gate. You will evidently get more amusing effects if you put her head over one of the spikes coming out of the fence.

Epona’s destructive habits

While riding Epona, try barrelling into a sign. You can play Zelda’s Lullaby to have it reform in front of your eyes.

Epona likes items if you’re not armed

It seems like the only thing stopping you from using any weapon while you are on Epona is the fact that you have the Master Sword. Get rid of it using the Swordless Link trick above, and saddle up Epona. There are many different tricks you can pull while on her, here are a few.

  • If you use either the Ocarina Of Time or Deku Nuts while on Epona, you shall dismount, but you then can control both Link and Epona.
  • If you take up the Lon Lon Racing Challenge, you can turn everything a purple colour by playing your ocarina while riding.
  • If you talk to Saria by playing Saria’s song, you’ll float a little way above Epona, but you can still ride as usual.
  • If you use Deku Nuts, then fire the Longshot, and then use Deku Nuts again, you can run around in first person view.

Hyrule Castle bank

Master trick

This trick must be performed before you attempt any Hyrule Castle Bank tricks.

In the Hyrule Castle Grounds, where all the guards are, go to the sign that says ‘Dead End’ in orange writing (near the entrance to the Fairy Fountain, or a big boulder if you haven’t blown it up yet). There is, to your left, a thin corner where the two polygons of the bank walls meet. Take a look at what the polygons look like from the side, as when you look at them dead on you can’t tell there’s much of a corner there. Now, walk very slowly up the meeting place of the two polygons (it will take a lot of time to get your technique right). This is really quite annoying when you get half way and then fall. However, practise makes perfect (and a little luck doesn’t hurt, either). After quite some time, you will possibly succeed in this task and end up on the grassy bank. There are a few things to do here:


If, after all your hard work, you feel like it, you can jump right off the edge and fall for absolutely ages. If your descent is taking too long, press B to do a sword jump attack to fall faster.

Swimming in the castle

This isn’t easy either, but try and follow the edge of the ridge (next to where you can jump off) until you get to the end of the ridge. Face the castle, and jump towards it as far as you can. If done correctly, you will be swimming in invisible water. You can swim back up and there’s the possibility you’ll die, but you can swim around the inside of the castle. To get out, you can swim into the moat (and get a secret blue rupee).


Get a fifth (or sixth) bottle

This, unlike most other glitches and tricks, is really helpful. If you have an unneeded item like the receipt for Biggoron’s Sword, then go out with a bottle and swipe to catch something. Before you actually get it, press start and swap the bottle with the other item. This will replace the item with a new bottle, which is fully functional. Make sure you will never need the replaced item again because once you have swapped it, it’s gone forever.

Get the Ocarina of Time early

If you are desperate to get your hands on the Ocarina Of Time, but you are stuck with the Kokiri Ocarina, then here’s what to do. Do the above bottle trick, and have the Kokiri Ocarina the item that you replace it with. Now, go and learn any song, and you will get the Ocarina back. However, the ocarina you get is actually the Ocarina Of Time!

As hard As diamond

I bet you think those handy bottles of yours are made of glass, eh? Well this is clearly wrong! When you fight Ganondorf, instead of swinging your sword to knock his energy balls back, try using your bottle. It’s actually better than using your sword as Link’s swing is faster.

Get over the fence in Kakariko

You can get over the fence behind the windmill in Kakariko village. All you do is use the Longshot to get to the blue roof, then look for a small piece of wood in the lower of two openings in the windmill. Use your Longshot on it, then walk up the stairs to the Cucco in the second opening, grab it, and run out the door with the hover boots. It is important to run straight out and turn around rather than running around the corner, that way when you turn around you don’t hit the corner. Fly toward the section of fence without forest behind it and just before you fall, press B to sword-jump over the fence. It may take several tries but it can be done. You can either walk off an edge and fall a long way then die, or walk straight back through the fence. Other than that, there’s nothing else to do.

Get the Fisherman’s hat

It takes a while to perfect, but in the fishing pond, pay for a rod and cast your line at the Fisherman. If you get his hat, you can be fined (50 rupees) for trying to leave with it. After doing this, check the rules board and there’ll be a new rule aimed squarely at you…

Hidden money

In Hyrule there are a couple of places to receive secret rupees. The first is by jumping across the three islands in Kokiri Forest in order without falling off for 5 rupees (every little helps to get that Deku Shield!). You can do this once in both directions. If you run up the chains of the gate to the Castle Market and jump off towards the bridge you’ll be rewarded with a red rupee. If you wait for nightfall while on the chains of the bridge, you can run across the top and you’ll be given even more rupees. Also, swimming the length of the Hyrule Castle moat can result in rupees, too.

Get the sinking lure and the Hylian Loach

If you scour every single inch of the fishing pool, especially in the grass around the edge and the crack with the stream, you can find the sinking lure. It is illegal, but the Fisherman won’t know if you use it. Now all you have to do is go fishing and you will find that the fish you catch are bigger. After a while, if you are lucky, you will catch the Hylian Loach, the biggest fish in the game.

Secret areas in circles of stone

Whenever you see a circle of stones, stand in the middle and either plant a bomb there or play the Song of Storms. If one doesn’t work then try the other. More often than not, a hole will appear leading you to a secret room.

Money for spreading bugs

To get paid 150 rupees, catch some bugs. Go to the person in Hyrule Castle Town Market or Kakariko Village, depending on whether you are Child or Adult Link respectively, who wants you to sell him something using ‘C’. Drop the bugs and catch one of them again. Go to the man and sell him the bug, and you’ll get paid 50 rupees. Repeat this with the remaining two bugs to get another 100 rupees.

Get a cheaper Hylian Shield

As a child, speak to the guard at the gates of Kakariko Village (the gates at the bottom of Death Mountain) after showing him Zelda’s Letter. Do this before you have bought the Hylian Shield in the Bazaar and you will get a discount when you finally buy it.

Get a free hylian shield

If you go to Dampe’s Graveyard, pull open the grave with a row of flowers in front of it. There will be a small underground room with a chest which contains a Hylian Shield. Also, if you bomb the wall at the end of the room, it will lead to a fairy room so you can catch some more fairies.

Floating signs

Slash a sign to pieces, and then play Zelda’s Lullaby. While it is rebuilding itself slash the bottom of it off. If you have done it right the top of the sign should just be in the air, floating by itself.

Two shields are better than one

As a kid, equip your Kokiri shield, and hold it out with R. Still holding R, press start and equip the Hylian shield. With any luck, you should now have two shields out, which protects your back and your front.

Useful masks

While some masks are utterly useless, the Mask Of Truth can let you talk to Gossip Stones, the Bunny Hood keeps Stalchilds away and the Skull Mask keeps Keese away.

Power slide

Warp to Sacred Forest Meadow. Run down the steps to the Moblin, keeping out of the way of his mallet. Now, just before he swings, get under his mallet, pause and change into your hover boots. Stand still and wait for him to hit you away. At first it looks like standard stuff but you’ll find you don’t stop and you end up under the tree branch you just warped to.

The Sage of Towns

If you have ever played Adventure Of Link, you may have noticed that the towns are all named after sages. In real life the sages must have been named after the towns, but it fits into the overall story nicely, which is a small departure for the Zelda series.

Kokiri graffiti artist

All over Link’s tree there are little pictures that he must have etched into the bark. I’d love to know how he did it without his sword. Maybe he used his sizable Hylian ears.

Time travelling bugs and fish

If you leave some bugs and/or fish on the pedestal before you take the Master Sword out, when you arrive in the future you’ll see that they have came with you. I didn’t know fish could do that sort of thing.

Bigger enemies

There are three enemies in the game which have bigger brothers. At night in Hyrule Field, kill off a few waves of Stalchilds, and a big one will come. Destroy a few more waves and a really massive one will appear. Giant Leevers come out at night outside the Spirit Temple if you have killed enough younger ones. Your reward? A giant rupee. You know when you have played too much Zelda when, in Lake Hylia, you can pick off Guays from a distance. If you are really good, a huge one comes that’ll take a few shots to bring down.

Patchwork sky

Well, if you didn’t know, the sky in Hyrule is actually made of polygons. Because of the N64’s limited power, you can, if you look carefully enough, see the seams between the polygons that make it up. Kinda spoils the illusion though, I loved to see the sunrise and sunset…

Poe eating contest

Well, there is no such contest, but if you have captured a Poe, it is possible to eat by drinking it like you would a potion. Unfortunately, though perhaps predictably, doing so will knock off a few hearts. Fun to drink ghosts all the same.

Scarecrow’s Song in credits

The song in this case would be the Scarecrow’s Song. At the ‘The End’ screen, wait a little while and soon your Scarecrow Song, if you had one, will be played in 5 different instruments. If you didn’t get the Scarecrow’s Song, then…

Get the Scarecrow’s Song

On the shore of Lake Hylia (as Young Link), find two scarecrows in a patch of soil. Talk to them both and one of them will want to hear you play a song. Play a song that you are going to remember, and then as Adult Link go back and talk to him. Now, whenever Navi goes green and flies off to what looks like empty space, play the Scarecrow’s Song and the scarecrow will pop up. To get to where he is, Hookshot over to him.

Brain food

In Gerudo’s Fortress you can see skulls hanging off the walls. To get items from them shoot them with your bow.

Climbing chests

Well, okay, so you can’t actually climb chests, but if you clear a room full of baddies and a chest appears, try to stand where it might materialize as Link ends up on top of it.

Alert the Cucco Attack Squad

Yes, it worked in every other Zelda game and it works in this one too. If you attack a chicken over and over again, A swarm of cuccos will attack you. They only stop if you leave the area, or into a building. In Lon Lon Ranch, you can avoid the attack by sitting on Epona. It also looks quite good as they try and attack you.

Animal abuse

If the chickens weren’t bad enough, you can similarly take your anger out on Epona by firing arrows at her. She neighs in discomfort, but then I suppose you would if you had just had an arrow shot through you.

Milking cows

Apparently in Hyrule they have other ways of milking cows. Unlike here on Earth, where they pull at the cows udders, all Hyrulians have to do is play them Epona’s Song! As a result, take an empty bottle to a cow and play it Epona’s Song to get free milk!

Growing fairies

To get fairies easily, go to a beansprout as child Link and play the Song Of Storms. It will grow into the air and release 3 fairies. As an added bonus, if you are standing on the sprout as you play the song, the plant grows though you. Nice.

Keep him down

When you are fighting Ganondorf, after hitting him with the Light Arrow, do the quick spin attack repeatedly to prevent him from getting back up! Although it should be noted that spin attacks aren’t as easy to pull off as in later 3D Zeldas, so you might need a bit of practice.

Hyrule Mario Fan Club

Yes, it seems the Royal Family are keen Mario players. In the castle courtyard where you meet Zelda for the first time, have a gander through the windows and you should spot a few paintings that you might recognize. There have been many instances where they appear in each other’s games. Speaking of which…

Bowser broach

If you look around Malon’s neck, then you’ll see a broach in the image of Bowser, Mario’s nemesis.

Treasure hunter

In Hyrule Castle Town Market there is a treasure game. To always win, use the Lens Of Truth to see what is in each chest. I, shamefully, didn’t pick this up until hours of trial and error.

Last stage of transformation

A butterfly’s life is absolutely amazing, how it can morph from one being into another. Well,  if you touch one with a Deku Stick then it changes into a fairy.

More Ocarina notes

If you are intent on making your own tunes, remember that if the A or C buttons don’t give the desired note, you can change them by using the control stick and the Z and R buttons.

Loads of Golden Skulltulas

You can collect as many Golden Skultullas as you like with this handy trick. Find a grotto in the ground with a Skultulla inside. Kill it and send a boomerang at the token left behind. After the boomerang has picked up the token, but before it gets back to you, backflip onto the portal back to the surface. You’ll be credited with the token, but Skultulla will still be down there. Repeat this process to get the 100 needed.

Anger castle help

To get the Castle Grounds Man annoyed with you, fire your slingshot through the castle window with the potted plant inside. If you are a good shot and you break it, the groundsman will come out and throw a bomb at you and start yelling.

Slip through his fingers

This is a tip for when you’re fighting Ganon (not Ganondorf). As you know if you’ve fought him before, you have to hit his tail to do damage to him. To get to his tail though you usually have to stun him, but faster is to simply roll through his legs and take a swipe at his tail.

Cucco for dinner

If you’ve tried Talon’s “Find The Special Cuccos!” mini-game as Kid Link, you know it’s a bit of a stumper. Well, to help you out, here’s a tip: Before talking to Talon, chuck all of the Cuccos in the room in the tight space between the table and the stairs. Then, talk to Talon. He’ll spread the Special Cuccos around and they’ll be almost too easy to catch.


To get a Deku Stick as strong as the Kokiri Sword (and just as un-breakable), equip your Deku Sticks to a C-Button and pull one out. Then, jump off a cliff (or something similar) and break the stick on the way down. The remainder of it will work as your very own bludgeoning club, to use as you see fit.
Note: If you leave an area, go underwater or switch items, the club will disappear, and you’ll have to repeat the trick to get it back.