How do I get my items back when I go to Crescent Island?

1. Just remember whenever you see a plant seedling push it to the wall that looks like it could have something growing on it….
2. Get the shovel by simply following the sand south.
3. Go in the cave just north and clear the clots of dirt to get your sword back.
4. Go up those stairs close to the cave, travel east and where you see the grass cut it and continue going east to the Tokay who’ll give you your shield back.
5. When you get to the other end of the island with the sand than you should go to the northern hut. This is the trading place. Here trade your shovel for your bracelet.
6. No go up the southern stairs and you’ll see a narrow path where a rock it. Lift it, go down there and get your bombs.
7. Now get back on the sand, head a little north and go up those stairs.
8. Plant a bomb and go play the Tokay challenge, get the seedling and plant it a little north or where you got your shield.
9. Trade the bracelet for the feather at the trading post. Now go up the southern stairs and hop over the pits the your left. Now bomb that cave to the north and go in. Bomb the green rocks and get your flippers.
10. Go back and trade the feather for the bracelet. Now go back to the same cave you g t your slippers in and pull aside the rocks and then dive deep
into the water. Now go through this little side scrolling section and get the seed satchel. Bring 10 Mystery seeds to the trading guy and get your rocs feather for good.
11. Now go back to the southern steps… hop the pits but this time go west. Go in the cave there and when you get to the other end you’ll find a Tokay with your harp of ages. Before you warp to the present near the bungalows make sure you pushed all the seeds to the indents.
12. Now go to the present…

How do I fix the Tuni nut?

You have to navigate to the Restoration wall by many warps through time. Be patient. Now play this fun torturous game—-er… ceremony and Patch will fix it. Now Symmetry city is at peace!

How do I kill the Skull Dungeon mini-boss?

That’s easy. Just stay between him and his sword and let the sword fly into the shield. After 3 hits the shield will be gone. He will run around like crazy until he hits a wall and stuns himself. Now just slash slash slash.

How do I kill the Crown Dungeon boss?

What you need to do is use your cane to make blocks for the little things to hold onto. You need to make them all collide to then strike the main guy with the sword. They shoot out puffy things that you can swipe. I believe it has 4 forms. To keep on in place so the other one comes around and collides, just slash it constantly.

How do I beat the Mermaid Dungeon?

What you need to do is get the key for both the present and past.. if you can’t do something in the present may be you need to do it in the past and vice versa. You never know what could happen over the years.. or many years before…