Items & equipment



Bomb artThese bombs are so powerful that they can blow holes in walls, and kill enemies. After they have been placed you can throw them by picking them up once more.


Shield artThe normal shield can deflect ordinary attacks, and can be upgraded to withstand fire.


Sword artThis sword is your main form of offence. You start with the Wooden Sword, but you can upgrade to both the Master Sword and the Hero’s Sword.


Ember Seed

Ember Seed artThe Ember seed is, like all seeds, kept in the seed satchel. You can burn away Gibdo’s wrappings, burn down trees, or light torches with these.

Gale Seed

Gale Seed artYou can get rid of enemies with the gale seed by using the Seed Shooter. You can also use them straight from the seed satchel on the overworld map to fly to any of the Mystical Trees you have found.

Mystery Seed

Mystery Seed artSprinkling Mystery Seeds on Owl Statues gives you hints.

Pegasus Seed

Pegasus Seed artPegasus Seeds stun enemies when fired from a Seed Shooter, and can speed Link up when dropped on the ground.

Scent Seed

Scent Seed artThe scent seed attracts of enemies when dropped.

Seed Shooter

Seed Shooter artThe seed shooter can be aimed in eight different directions, and when fired the seeds can bounce off walls.

Dungeon Items


Compass artThe compass highlights treasure chests and boss rooms on the dungeon map. It also makes a noise when you enter a room that contains a chest.


Map artThe dungeon map shows you the layout of the dungeon you found it in, and also which rooms connect to which.


Keys artThe keys are found in treasure chests throughout dungeons, and they allow you to open locked doors. To get into the boss room, you need a special boss key.

Other Items

Cane of Somaria

Cane of Somaria artThis magical cane makes a return from A Link To The Past and still creates blocks which you can push, carry and throw. This item is useful for keeping switches held down.


Flute artThis flute is given to you by your pet (either Ricky, Dimitri or Moosh) and you can call for them to aid you. You have to be within range of them to use it, however.

Harp of Ages

Harp of Ages artThe Harp Of Ages works a little like the Ocarina Of Time, and lets you move backwards and forwards through time.

Magic Potion

Magic Potion artThe Magic Potion is dropped by Maple the Witch when you bump into her on the odd occasion, and will replenish your health if you die.

Power Bracelet

Power Bracelet artThis item lets you pick up and throw different objects such as bushes, stones and pots.

Roc’s Feather

Roc's Feather artRoc’s Feather lets you jump small distances.


Shovel artThe shovel can dig up ground. Who knows what you’ll find!
(Usually hearts, rupees and sometimes monsters)

Switch Hook

Switch Hook artThis is a bit like the Hookshot, but instead of dragging you closer to an object, you swap places with it.

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest artChests contain keys and items for use in and outside of the dungeon they are found in.

Zora’s Flippers

Flippers artZora’s Flippers allow you to swim in water, and dive in deep water.