How do I get through the Lost Woods?

There are different paths through the Lost Woods, one takes you to the Noble Sword, and the other takes you to a dungeon.

To get the noble sword, change the season to winter when you get to the four way intersection with the stump in the centre. Then go west. Now change it to Autumn and go west again. Now Spring, west once again. And now Summer and west once! (You’ll notice that when you go west you’re gradually making it warmer like the Deku said when you played the phonograph.)

To get to the dungeon, hop on the stump and change it to Winter. Go left. Now Autumn and go down. Now Spring and go right. Then Summer and up.

What is different in the Linked game?

The main difference is that you reveal the full storyline, and you fight Twinrova and Ganon at the end of the game. Other fun additions are special events and passwords exclusive to the Linked game. For instance, you can get passwords for upgraded items and rings. Characters you met in the first game you played will show up in the second, sometimes in altered form.

What’s up with the Great Moblin when he moves to the Sunken City?

He moves there after you defeat him in his Moblin Fortress. If you go in there, noone will know that you were the one who defeated their leader. You can plant a bomb or use an Ember seed next to the pile of bombs, which will kill you and blow up the house.

Eventually, the house will rebuild. After a couple of times of exploding his house he’ll realize it’s you and next time you put a bomb next to it or use an Ember seed, the two Moblins will grab you, “It was you! We’ll teach you” and throw you against the wall, knocking you unconscious. Then they’ll explode the house from the outside, killing you. It’s a funny scene, fun to watch but serving no real purpose.

How do I get the Iron Shield?

First, you have to find both the blue and red ore, which can be found in Subrosia. If you take the ore to the furnace, they’ll turn it into hard ore for you. Now, take it to the Smithy and answer “Ok, whatever” to his question, and he’ll make you the Iron Shield.

How do I kill the Dancing Dragon Dungeon mini-boss?

To kill them, you have to keep both torches lit. When they appear, you have to swipe the one with the shadow, as the other’s are fake. Dodge their energy balls, keep the torches lit, and attack the shadowed one. Easy.

What pet will I get? Is it random?

It depends on the flute you get: If you meet Ricky before buying or winning a Strange Flute, he’ll be your pet. If you buy the flute, you’ll get Moosh, and if you win it, you’ll get Dimitri. If you’re playing a Linked game, you’ll carry over your pet from the last game.