Heart pieces

There are 12 Heart pieces to collect in Oracle of Seasons. For every four you collect, another heart is added to your health meter, so its worth getting every last one!

Heart Piece 1

Where: Horon Village
How to get it: There’s a rather conspicuous Piece of Heart sitting just south of the mayor’s house. To collect it, burn down the small tree with an Ember Seed and proceede forth.

Heart Piece 2

Where: Windmill
How to get it: Head to the windmill and then change the season to Winter. Climb up the ladder and cross the newly created snow bridge. Enter the cave on the other side to reach this Heart Piece.

Heart Piece 3

Where: Woods of Winter
How to get it: You’ll be able to spot a Heart Piece in the lower-right corner of the Woods of Winter, blocked by deep water and a rock. Change the Season to Winter and traverse the ice to reach the boulder, then lift it with the Power Bracelet. Or, wait until you get the Flippers and swim across the water.

Heart Piece 4

Where: Subrosian Market
How to get it: The Market de Subrosia features a limited-time item: a Heart Piece selling for the nifty price of 20 pieces of Ore and 10 Ember Seeds.

Heart Piece 5

Where: Eyeglass Lake
How to get it: Just to the west of the “eyeglasses” is a long rectangular body of water. Change the Season to Summer to dry it up, then lift up the boulder near the top. Descend the stairs to reach this Heart Piece.

Heart Piece 6

Where: Moblin King’s Fortress
How to get it: Do battle with the Moblin King inside his fortress. Upon defeating him, you’ll be rewarded with this Heart Piece.

Heart Piece 7

Where: Goron Mountain
How to get it: In the foothills of Goron Mountain, there’s a Heart Piece sitting on a ledge in the screen below Dancing Dragon Dungeon. Change the Season to Spring and use the Blast Bloom to reach it.

Heart Piece 8

Where: Spool Swamp
How to get it: Near the lower section of Spool Swamp is a large body of water, in the middle of which is a Piece of Heart surrounded by impassable vines. Change the Season to Spring to flood that area, making the Heart Peace accessible.

Heart Piece 9

Where: Graveyard
How to get it: Once you get the Roc’s Cape, you’ll be able to traverse the cave leading to the Graveyard, thus making it possible for you to enter the cemetary in whichever Season you choose. Change the Season to Spring and then move the mushrooms near the entrance to the Explorer’s Crypt to reach this Heart Piece.

Heart Piece 10

Where: Northern Peak
How to get it: After you clear the Sword and Shield Maze, there will be an earthquake which affects the Norther Peak area. Head to the newly cracked wall, bomb it, and enter to find this Heart Piece.

Heart Piece 11

Where: Maple Encounter
How to get it: During an encounter with Maple, there’s a random chance that she’ll drop a Heart Piece.

Heart Piece 12

Where: Gasha Tree
How to get it: Plant Gasha Seeds in any and all locations that you find. There’s a random chance that the Gasha Nut they grow will produce a Heart Piece.