Secrets & tricks

Attack of the Killer Cuccos

If, for some reason, you decide to vent your anger on some kind of innocent, try Cuccos. Hit one enough, and they’ll call the Cucco Revenge Squad for a Link massacre. To stop the violence, just leave the screen and come back.

Attack of the 50-ft Cucco

When the Cucco Revenge Squad are out in force, sprinkle a Mystery Seed on a normal Cucco. Attack him again, and he’ll chase you, so you’d best be ready to run! If you sprinkle Mystery Seeds on Cuccos while the CRS are absent, you’ll turn them into baby Cuccos instead!

Advance Shop

When you play either Oracle game in a Game Boy Advance, a mysterious shop that would have otherwise been locked is available. Inside, you’ll be able to buy an Advance Ring, a Magic Ring, and a Gasha Seed. In Oracle of Seasons, this is next to the Tutorial building.