LinkAfter saving the Hyrulian Great Sea from the return of Ganon, the Hero of Winds set off in pursuit of new adventures with Tetra and her crew. Mere months later, they spot an incoming ship on the horizon. Tetra jumps aboard to investigate, but it starts to disappear. Having only recently saved Tetra’s life, it made sense for Link to put a little more investment into her survival, but his rescue attempt was futile as he fell into the sea.


CielaCiela is a fairy who lives with Oshus on Mercay Island. She is the one who finds Link washed ashore and promises to help him find Tetra and his crew. Throughout their adventure, Ciela finds out more about herself and her true purpose as the Spirit of Courage, and along with the Spirits of Wisdom and Power, Leaf and Neri, work with Link to find the Ghost Ship.


LinebeckA typical treasure-hunting, wayfaring sailor, Linebeck thinks only of himself. Initially helping Link only out of forced gratitude for his liberation from the Temple of the Ocean King, his continual entanglement and investment in the quest reveals a softer side to his snarky facade.


OshusOshus is seemingly an old man who lives peacefully on Mercay Island. In helping Link find his friends, he slowly embroils the Hero into the hidden conflict that will decide the fate of the Great Sea.


TetraTetra is begrudgingly Princess Zelda, but she lacks the airs and graces typically associated with the Royal Family having been bought up on the lawless high seas. When Link finds her on the Ghost Ship she’s encased in stone, and to break the curse Link has to find Bellum and defeat him with the Phantom Sword.


BellumThough pictured here in armour, Bellum’s true form is far more poisonous; a mess of neon and tentacles, planting the seeds of evil wherever he can. It is because of this monster that the Ocean King’s true identity remains hidden…