Big Catch Lure

This lure allows you to catch much larger fish than your standard lure.

Cyclone Slate

Drawing certain symbols onto this slate will summon a large cyclone that carries you to different parts of the ocean. The spot in which you get dropped off corresponds with the symbol you draw.

Fishing Rod

Toss your line into the Great Sea to catch fish…that you collect. That boat must smell.

Heart Container

Collecting these adds an extra heart onto your life bar.

Oshus’ Sword

Your first blade, given to you by the mysterious old man named Oshus.

Phantom Hourglass

This will negate evil life-draining energy…but only for a limited amount of time. Defeat the temple bosses to gain more Sands of Hours.

Phantom Sword

This mighty blade is the only thing that can harm Bellum, and is usefull for dispatching Phatoms to boot.

Pure Metals

Collecting these will allow you to forge the mighty Phantom Sword.

Sand of Hours

Contained within the Phantom Hourglass, these sands measure the amount of time you are immune to evil energies.

Special Keys

These keys are used to access certain areas of the game.

Spirit Gems

Spirit Gems are scattered about the Great Ocean in fairly obscure locations. If you collect enough of them, you can power up your companion spirits. Be sure to find as many as you can to fully increase your Power, Wisdom, and Courage.

Wooden Shield

Deflects enemy attacks.