Items & equipment


The Boomerang is a handy weapon that can stun enemies, hit far away switches, and even carry fire between torches. Simply draw the path you want it to take, then watch ‘er fly.


Bombs have a tendancy to explode, handily reducing certain walls to rubble and enemies to puffs of smoke. Usefull for finding hidden passages.


Bombchus travel along a path that you draw, then explode at the end…or when encountering other obsticles along the way.


The Bow can be used to fire arrows. Handy for dispatching far-away enemies and hitting certain switches.

Grappling Hook

Use this to pull you to far away objects. This can now connect two heavy objects together, which is handy for creating a tightrope or a giant slingshot.


The Hammer can pound broken switches and activate springboards. Also usefull for hurting enemies who protect themselves with electricity or large shields.


Potions will refill your life. The Red Potion restores 6 hearts; the Purple Potion will restore 8 hearts, either when used or after you die; and the Yellow Potion will restore all of your hearts.


Use this to dig holes, which is handy in revealing items or holes buried beneath the earth. Can also be used to fill in certain holes.