The Adventure of Link marks a daring yet controversial departure from the first Legend of Zelda title. It managed to sell 4.8 million copies in the USA alone, less than its prequel, a commercial and also critical decline that meant this Zelda remains unique in the series.

The biggest change over LoZ was the mix of a zoomed-out top-down perspective overworld and side-on towns and dungeons, the latter reminding many of the styled used in Metroid. The game also shifted away from action-adventure towards action-RPG, incorporating player stats, magic and experience points. It is believed by some that the townsman who mysteriously says “I am Error” was created by a Nintendo employee disgruntled with the change in direction.

The game enabled players for the first time to explore the entirety of Hyrule, whereas the first game restricted you to the south-western portion. Because of the change in style many players remained oblivious to the geography of LoZ present in the AoL overworld.

As Link, your job is to free Zelda from a spell that has condemned her to eternal rest. The Wizard who created the spell is after Link’s blood, under the impression it will help him resurrect Ganon. Link must retrieve six crystals to unlock the Great Palace, the resting place of the Triforce of Courage.

The personal feelings on the game here at Zelda Elements have never been positive, but it is considered by some (somewhere) to be the best in the series. If nothing else, it is certainly ‘different’!