Link spriteAfter the falling of the Ancient Gerudo King Ganon, Link stayed in Hyrule as a friend of the Royal Family. However, it was soon evident to him that not all the evil had left Hyrule. Evil forces were gathering over the whole country. Thankfully, Link’s 16th birthday arrived with a small message. Link made his way to Hyrule Castle, seeking out Impa so he could ask why the symbol of the Triforce was glowing on the back of his hand. It seems he really was the next saviour of Hyrule, and it would be he who awoke the Princess Zelda and prevented the resurrection of Ganon.

Princess Zelda

Zelda spriteThe evil Wizard placed a sleeping spell on Zelda when it emerged that she knew the whereabouts of the re-hidden Triforce of Wisdom and she refused to tell. The one man who can awaken her, however, has also got a Kingdom to save…


Impa spriteImpa once again sends Link off on a quest when he comes to her bearing the mark of the Hero. To open the Great Palace, he must place six crystals into six pedestals across Hyrule. Hidden within the Great Palace is the Triforce of Courage, and Link needs this to awaken the sleeping Princess.

The Wizard

Wizard spriteGanon was killed, but evil still remained in Hyrule. The Wizard was desperate for both the resurrection of the Dark King Ganon and the two missing parts of the Triforce. With the arrival of Link, he has the opportunity to gain it all.

King of Hyrule

The King of Hyrule was the man who bestowed control of the Triforce of Wisdom to his daughter, the Princess Zelda, before he died.


Citizen spriteCitizen spriteThese faceless characters roam the streets and reside in buildings. When Link talked to them they gave helpful if sometimes cryptic advice. Some women in red were known to replenish Link’s health.