Items & equipment



Sword spriteThe sword is your basic weapon, and as you progress through the game various new moves can be learned.

Worn Equipment


Boots spriteThese allow Link to walk over selected parts of the ocean to access previously unavailable parts of the map. It is found in Maze Palace.


Cross spriteUsed to reveal demonised enemies which are usually invisible, the cross is found in the Hidden Palace.


Glove spriteFound in Swamp Palace, the Glove lets Link destroy concrete blocks with his sword.

Other items


Candle spriteThis helps Link find his way in the darkest of caves, which aren’t impossible to navigate before you get it but the candle certainly helps matters. You can find it in Parappa Palace.

Heart Container

Heart Container spriteWhen you collect a heart container, your life gauge increases by one unit.


Flute spriteThe flute is found in the Water Palace and is used to dry the river from south Nabooru.


Hammer spriteThe hammer is used to break rocks, and is found in Death Mountain. When you come out of the pit you find it in, try using it on the rock to you immediate left…


Key spriteThese are used to open doors.

Link Doll

Link Doll spriteThere are only five extra life dolls for Link to find, but it is best to leave them towards the end of the game where things get harder. Once they are picked up they don’t regenerate.

Magic Jars

Magic Jar spriteMagic Containers are used to increase your magic gauge by one unit.

Magic Key

Magic Key spriteThis can be used to open any locked door.


Raft spriteThe raft is used to cross rivers and seas and can be found in Island Palace.

Treasure Jars

Sword spriteTreasure gives Links experience points, which in turn help him level-up and become more powerful.