Magic guide

Magic Containers

Container 1

Items needed: None
Where: From North Castle, go east until you are clear of the moat, then south until you get to the mountains. Follow the southern wall west until you come to a secluded cave.
How: Just enter the cave.

Container 2

Items needed: None
Where: On Maze Island, follow the path round - but try and find the western most wall just north of the estuary. 
How: You’ll find a pit - inside is the magic container.

Container 3

Items needed: Hammer
Where: In Death Mountain, when you emerge from the cave containing the hammer.
How: Break the western rock with your shining new hammer.

Container 4

Items needed: None
Where: The House of Kasuto.
How: Talk to the lady outside and she will invite you in. The magic container is at the back of the house.

Magic Spells

Shield Spell

Effect: Halves the amount of damage taken - receive red tunic.
How: Speak to the old man in the town of Rauru.

Jump Spell

Effect: Lets Link jump higher and further than usual.
How: Give the statue to the old man’s niece in the town of Ruto.

Life Spell

Effect: Refills some of his life bar.
How: Give the mirror to the old man’s daughter in the town of Mido.

Fairy Spell

Effect: Turns him into a fairy, of all things. This enables him to fly through locked doors.
How: Give the life water to the old man’s daughter in the town of Mido.

Fire Spell

Effect: Shoots fire from his sword.
How: Give the fountain water to the old man’s wife in Nabooru.

Reflect Spell

Effect: Link can repel Wizzrobe’s magic.
How: Give the child to the old man’s wife in Darunia.

Spell Spell

Effect: None on Link, but enables various and indeed plentiful oddities and secrets.
How: Get into the old man’s house via the chimney in New Kasuto.

Thunder Spell

Effect: Damages all enemies on screen.
How: Speak to the old man in the town of Old Kasuto.