armos spriteArmos don’t attack unless provoked, so the safest way of dealing with them is to not touch them at all! If they are activated, they’ll walk or run in random directions, making strategies hard to formulate. Their armour makes them hard to take down, so the magic rod or bombs can be used at a distance.



bubble spriteBubbles are indestructible and will roam around a dungeon at random, so it’s hard to pick up on a pattern. While it isn’t particularly clear, Bubbles are skulls engulfed in fire, though Link won’t take any damage if he touches one. If he touches a blue Bubble, he won’t be able to use his sword for a few seconds, but if he touches a red Bubble, he won’t be able to use his sword until he touches a blue Bubble.



darknut spriteDarknuts move swiftly and randomly, making it hard to successfully place bombs in their path, though this may be an attractive alternative if in a room full of them. You can attack Darknuts either from the side or the back with your sword, as they’ll repel all front attacks with their sword and shield.



ghini spriteGhost creatures roam the graveyards, but may also appear from graves if you disturb their rest. They can only be killed with a Magical Sword.


gibdo spriteThe Gibdo is basically a mummified zombie, though in later games burning away its wrap will reveal a Stalfos. It doesn’t fire projectiles, or swipe with a sword, so you have the choice of attacking up close with the sword, or further away with your Magic Rod/Bow.


goriya spriteGoriya attacks at range with a pair of boomerangs, making it hard to evade damage in a room full of them. You can deal more damage quickly by getting up close and dispatching them with your sword, but if you have room, shoot from afar with the Rod or Bow.



keese spriteKeese are weak bats who will fly towards you if you get close. It’s best to use your boomerang when they stop to save on arrows.



lanmola spriteLanmolas come in two colours, blue and red. Blue Lanmolas are tougher and stronger, but you kill them the same way. You simply attack portions of Lanmola’s tail until he gets shorter and shorter. As you do so, he unfortunately gets faster and faster.


leever spriteLeevers live deep in the sand, and only appear when disturbed. They come in two flavours, red and blue, with blue being the stronger, but they are dispatched in the same way - a few hits with either bombs, arrows, the Magic Rod or sword!

Like Like

Like Like spriteLike Likes are particularly annoying because when Link gets close to one, it’ll swallow him and slowly sap his energy. Even when Link fights his way out with his sword, the Like Like will have eaten his shield. The best way to attack a Like Like is from afar, but if for some reason that isn’t possible, don’t attack one at short-range without stunning it with a boomerang first.


lynel spriteWhile not the most ferocious of names, Lynels are pretty strong centaurs whose attacks can’t be deflected with a shield. The best way to defeat a Lynel is to stun it with boomerang attacks before moving in close with your sword. If it starts to come alive before he’s destroyed, escape and stun again.



moblin spriteMoblins are Ganon’s grunts, and they attack with spears that can be easily blocked with Link’s shield. They’re not too much trouble - you can attack them from the front with rapid flurries of your sword, ensuring any close-quarter spears will be cut down in the process. Moblins can be blue or red, with red being the weaker of the two.


moldorm spriteMoldorms are very similar to Lanmolas, both in strategy and construct. They can hide in sand, but you can just attack either end to gradually shorten it when it appears.



octorok spriteOcotroks, now a staple of the Zelda series, are land-faring creatures who shoot rocks at enemies. These can be easily deflected using sword or shield, meaning you can walk right up to one to attack with your sword. Bombs can be used on groups of Octoroks.



patra spritePatra is a flying eye, surrounded by several smaller ones. The smaller ones are weak and can be despatched from afar with your boomerang, leaving the centre eye vulnerable. You can kill him with your sword.


peahat spritePeahats are enemies that fly randomly across the screen, and can only be harmed when they land.

Pols Voice

pol's vvoice spritePols Voice is rabbit-like in appearance and hops around the screen. They’re very tough to kill with a sword, so the bow is recommended.



rope spriteRope is a serpent-like enemy who moves swiftly across the landscape. If one spots an enemy, it’ll dart across the land in a straight line, leaving its prey to jump out of its path at the last second. By swinging your sword rapidly, you can destroy an attacking Rope before he reaches you.



stalfos spriteStalfos are fast-paced skeletal enemies who sometimes hold items in their rip cage, which they’ll drop once defeated. It’s safe to use your sword against them, or bombs to dispatch large numbers.



tektite spriteTektites have powerful legs that they use to launch themselves across vast distances. They can be hard to attack when moving, so stun them with your boomerang before going in for the kill.



vire spriteVire are stronger, larger Keese, and will split into Keese when attacked.



wallmaster spriteWallmasters are potentially the most annoying enemies in any Zelda game, ever. Being captured by a Wallmaster will result in being placed back at the start of the dungeon, so to kill them, stun them with a boomerang first.


wizzrobe spriteRed Wizzrobe are wizards who appear and disappear at random, though they try and attack Link with fast spells. They’re easy enough to escape, unless you get caught in a cross-fire - the magic could knock you into the path of another attack, and hearts will deplete rapidly. Blue Wizzrobes follow the same attack pattern, but move around rooms at will.


Zol and Gel

zol spriteZol and Gel are evil blobs of gel - though Zol has twice the power and health as Gel. Cutting a Zol will split it into two Gel, but Gel can be easily killed with a boomerang attack.


zora spriteZora must be killed with projectiles, unless they’re close to the shoreline. It’s rumoured that Zora is the mutation of an ancient Hyrulian race. They shoot indefensible fireballs at Link’s current position and can be evaded by keeping on the move.