Game Genie codes

The first version of The Legend Of Zelda has codes which cannot be used with the later versions. If your copy has a red box which asks you to hold reset when you turn off the power to save, it is a later version and “First version only” codes cannot be used with it.

First version only

AIIOOVStart with 24 bombs
TIIOOVStart with the potion
YIIOOVStart with the wand
IIIOOVStart with the meat
GIIOOVStart with the whistle
LIIOOVStart with a green candle
ZIIOOVStart with the bow
PIIOOVStart with a very strong arrow (can’t kill Ganon)
TTIOOVStart with 24 keys
ITIOOVStart with 24 coins
IYIOOVMoney goes up once in a while

All versions

SXPAPOSome enemies can’t move
SXYAPOWalk over top of screen
NYAZPAEverything is black except Link and enemies
YGAEXPEnemies in shop and on scenery
PPLXZZTouch a wall and a ghost will appear
PPEEAABrings up castle subscreen at all times
VVTTSPPuts you on beginning screen
AAIZZIInfinite money
AEEAEEAll enemies in game are falling rocks
AAPVEXStart game at the top left corner of map
AAANAAWalk through walls in castles
AAPNLOWalk through scenery
OSTLLYDon’t enter caves
AKITVXB cycles through weapons you don’t have
EENAKPForms new entrance when you leave a cave
KTVXXZDifferent stuff in caves
XYYYYLSecret entrances are open
KIOZXXMeat comes out of shooting sword
SZZVVZRooms are split in half
PPZXYYLink is different colors
IZLZZZChange castle
OPPEEAWall changes a into rock man when you touch it