Items & equipment


Wooden Sword

Wooden Sword spriteThe wooden sword is Link’s first weapon, given to him by an old man in a cave.

White Sword

White Sword spriteThe white sword doubles the wooden sword’s power, but Link first needs 6 heart containers.

Magical Sword

Magical Sword spriteLink needs 12 heart containers for this sword, but it doubles the attack people of the white sword.

Projectiles and Explosives


bow spriteThe Bow is used to fire arrows at far away enemies. You can run out of arrows but defeated enemies regularly leave them behind. While the bow itself cannot be upgraded, the arrows it uses can. It’s found in the first dungeon.

Wooden Arrows

arrow spriteWooden Arrows are the default ammunition for the bow and deal a moderate amount of damage.

Silver Arrows

Silver Arrow spriteThese silver arrows are used at the end of the game, where you need them to slay the evil beast Ganon.


bomb spriteThese can be laid to blow up fragmented walls, and also to harm enemies. An upgrade can be found in the seventh dungeon.

Magical Rod

magical rod spriteFound in the sixth dungeon, the magic wand is used to fire magic at enemies from a distance.


boomerang spriteThe boomerang can be used to stun enemies, and once it reaches a certain distance or hits an enemy / object it returns to the thrower. It is found in the first dungeon.

Magical Boomerang

Magic Boomerang spriteThis magical boomerang travels for an even longer distance and harms enemies even more, but is found early on in the second dungeon.

Worn Equipment


shield spriteThe shield is Link’s only form of defence in Hyrule.

Power Bracelet

power bracelet spriteThe Power Bracelet is used to pick up larger boulders and many other heavy objects. It is said to be the source of Armos Soldiers’ strength.

Blue Ring

blue ring spriteWhen worn, the blue ring adds a defensive shield to the bearer and halves the amount of damage sustained.

Red Ring

red ring spriteThe red ring halves the amount of damage taken by half and is found in the last dungeon.

Other Items

Book of Magic

book of magic spriteThis book is used by Link to find out new spells for use with his Magic Rod, and is found in the eighth dungeon.

Blue Candle

blue candle spriteThe blue candle is Link’s first candle and can be bought in cavern shops. It can be used once in each room.

Red Candle

red candle spriteFound in the seventh dungeon, the red candle can be used many times in each room.


fairy spriteWhen Link touches one of these kind fairies, his health meter is restored.


food spriteThis food acts as bait for enemies, but it is also poisonous.


heart spriteHearts replenish one heart container in your life meter.

Heart Container

heart container spriteWhen collected, either in the overworld map or from a defeated boss, a heart container increases Link’s health capacity by one.


letter spriteThe Old Man’s letter will enable the purchase of potions from the Old Women around Hyrule.


red water spriteRed potion is what the potion looks like before Link has any of it, and blue potion is when there is only one gulp left. They restore Link’s health.


ladder spriteThe stepladder is a simple way of moving from platform to platform, over water. It can be found in the third dungeon.


raft spriteThe raft is found in the third dungeon, and can be used to move around on water in the Overworld.


recorder spriteThe recorder can be used to instigate special events, such as the drying of a lake or the splitting of a boss…


rupees spriteRupees are Hyrule’s national currency, and Link finds them in bushes and in defeated enemies. Blue Rupees are worth five orange Rupees.

Dungeon Items


clock spriteThis watch freezes time when picked up so enemies can be defeated quicker.


compass spriteThere’s one of these in a chest in every dungeon. It highlights where the boss room is on your map.


key spriteKeys are used to open locked doors, but they can only be used in the dungeons they were found in.

Magical Key

magical key spriteThe magical key can be used on all doors, in all dungeons, but is not found until much later in the game.


 spriteThere is one map for every dungeon, and it shows you a full room plan of every floor.