Secrets & Tricks

Save your bombs against Dodongo

To avoid losing bombs and possibly gain them when fighting Dodongo, wait until he is close, and throw 2 bombs into his mouth, timing it so the second bomb comes about 1/4 second after the first. If you’ve timed it right, Dodongo will slowly walk in place. You can then simply stab him with your sword to kill him. He will leave a bomb for you almost every time. If you’re really good, you can also just use 1 bomb, and time it so that he walks into the blast just after you set the bomb.

Warp straight to the last dungeon

After you get all of the Triforce pieces, go to the outside of Level 8 and blow your whistle. You go to the outside of Level 9.

Easier enemies

In screens with multiple enemy types, kill the weakest ones, leave the screen, and return. The strongest enemies will have changed into weaker ones.

Unlock the first locked door

Walk into Level 1, walk out, then walk back in and the locked door will be open.

Stop enemy regeneration

Leave one enemy alive on a screen and it will prevent the rest from returning later.

Escape from closed rooms

If you are stuck in a screen with no way out, and no way to lose a life, you can use this code to save your game (so you don’t lose the items you have picked up), and start over from the starting screen of the game. Press Start on Controller 1 to call up the sub-screen. Then press Up and A on Controller 2 to bring up the “Continue, Save, Retry” screen. This is just like losing your last life!

Quest 2 instant access

Enter your name as ZELDA to start playing the second quest straight away!