Bottle guide



Trilby Highlands

Heart piece locationThe game’s first bottle is found on your way to Mt.Cremel, in Trillby Highlands. As soon as you first enter the Highlands from Hyrule Town, take the stairs you see to your left. Bomb the wall to your right, and deflect the Deku Scrub’s Nuts in the next room. He’ll sell you the bottle for a generous 20 rupees.

Hyrule Town

Heart piece locationThe second bottle is available after you finish the Cave of Flames. With the Cane of Pacci, flip the vase in the Inn and cross the plank to Stockwell’s store in Minish form. Take the bottle behind the counter in adult form, and Stockwell will let you have it as long as you feed his dog. Follow the map marking and pour the food he’s given you into the dog bowl.

South Hyrule Field

Heart piece locationThe third bottle is acquired simply by fusing Kinstones with Master Smith in your home. A chest will appear in the Eastern Hills which contains the bottle.


Heart piece locationAfter such an easy bottle, this one is quite a quest. You need to fuse Kinstones with a farmer and five walls. The farmer can be found in the Eastern Hills, south of Lon Lon Ranch.

Heart piece locationA little west of the farmer is a cave blocked up by dirt that you can dig through with your Mole Mitts. In the top right hand corner is a strange piece of wall that you can fuse Kinstones with.

Heart piece locationThe second wall can be found in Minish Woods just southwest of Witch Syrup’s Hut. It’s in another Mole Mitt cave, and you’ll find the section you need in the top right.

Heart piece locationGo Crenel Wall and climb it to the very top. Then, go left and down the stairs that lead to a Mole Mitt cave and the Crenel Hermit’s cave. Enter the cave on the left and make your way to the top right area to reveal this segment of wall.

Heart piece locationThen, make your way to Lake Hylia and use Roc’s Cape in the northern areas to reach another Mole Mitt cave that has a wall to fuse with inside, in the lower left section.

Heart piece locationThe last piece of wall is in northwest Trilby Highlands. Next to the bridge to Mt. Crenel’s Base is another bridge going north to a Mole Mitt cave. A little northeast from the opening of the cave is another strange piece of wall that you can fuse with.

Heart piece locationBy fusing these Kinstones, you gradually helped Gorons break down walls in a cave southwest of Lon Lon Ranch. Jump into the nearby whirlwind to float up the hill on top of the cave, and then drop down and enter. The fourth bottle is inside!



FairyFairies replenish some of your life bar, and can be used either manually, or automatically, meaning that when you die the fairy will unleash itself from its bottle and revive Link. They can be caught in random places across Hyrule, and are easily the best reason to find all four bottles.


PotionPotion is used to fill 10 hearts of your health meter, and can be bought from Syrup in Minish Woods for 60 rupees.

Red Potion

Red PotionRed Potion fills all your hearts, but must be bought for 150 rupees. A rip-off compared to free fairies!

Lon Lon Milk

Lon Lon MilkLon Lon Milk contains two gulps per bottle and can be bought from Malon in Hyrule Town for 100 rupees. Each gulp replenishes five hearts.

Din’s Charm

Din's CharmDin’s Charm colours your tunic red, and boosts your strength. It’s free if you find Din a house.

Farore’s Charm

Farore's CharmFarore’s Charm colours your tunic purple, and boosts your strength and defence. It’s free if you find Farore a house.

Nayru’s Charm

Nayru's CharmNayru’s Charm colours your tunic blue, and boosts your defense. It’s free if you find Nayru a house.


Shells picolyte
100 rupees

Supplies picolyte
200 rupees

Fairies picolyte
300 rupees

Hearts picolyte
100 rupees

Kinstones picolyte
100 rupees

Rupees picolyte
200 rupees

Picolyte can be bought in Hyrule Town after clearing one of the mats from dust using the Gust Jar. Each colour helps you find more of a certain item.

Mt. Crenel Hot Spring Water

Mt. Crenel Hot Spring WaterThis special spring water is bottled at the base of Mt. Crenel, and is used for growing green bulbs.