Items & equipment



Smith’s Sword

Smith's SwordThis sword is given to you by the King of Hyrule at the start of your quest. It’s the weakest of all the swords.

White Sword

White Sword White Sword White Sword The White Sword is given to you after finishing the Cave of Flames by Melari. Each time the sword is infused with an element, you can split Link into an extra version of himself.

Four Sword

Four SwordThe most powerful sword in the game, the Four Sword is the fully restored version of the White Sword, and with it, you can split Link into four.



BombBombs are the same in The Minish Cap as they are in other Zelda games - use them to blow up walls and enemies. You are given your first Bomb Bag after finishing Deepwood Shrine.

Remote Bomb

Remote BombThese unique bombs can be set one at a time, and blown up remotely. You have to fuse Kinstones with the man you received the first set of bombs from, but you can only carry around one set at a time.


BoomerangThe boomerang is used to stun enemies, flick distant switches, and to reach items. It can be bought from Stockwell’s store.

Magic Boomerang

Magic BoomerangThe Magic Boomerang can be guided in mid-air. To get the Boomerang, find and fuse Kinstones with all four Tingles. Each fusion will open four trees, so enter each one and press the switches inside to open a cavern in the middle of Hyrule Field which contains the upgraded weapon.


BowThe Bow can be used to attack enemies at long-range. You can find it in Castor Wilds.

Light Bow

Light BowLight Arrows are more powerful than standard arrows, and don’t use up magic power. You can charge them before firing.

Small Shield

Small ShieldThe Small Shield is won by Zelda at the Carnival, and bears a striking resemblance to the shield used by Link in The Wind Waker. It’s the smallest and least powerful shield in the game.

Mirror Shield

Mirror ShieldAfter finishing the game, you can find Biggoron and let him eat your shield. If you return later, he will give you this Mirror Shield as compensation.



CompassThere’s one compass to be found in every dungeon, and it will mark the whereabouts of unlocked secrets.


MapThe map highlights all the rooms in the present dungeon, and distinguishes between visited and unvisited.

Boss Key

Boss KeyThe boss key is used to enter the boss arena for that dungeon.



BottleBottles can be used to hold things like water and fairies. There are four bottles to be found in the game, and you can find out where they are and what you can keep in them in our Bottle Guide.

Cane of Pacci

Cane of PacciThis Cane is found in the Cave of Flames. It’s used to flip selected objects over, and to turn holes into launchers.

Gust Jar

Gust JarThe Gust Jar, found in Deepwood Shrine, can be used for pushing leaf rafts, pulling mushrooms from afar, harming certain enemies, and clearing balls of dirt and pollen.


JabbernutThe Jabbernut should be eaten by Link so he can understand the words of the Picori. It’s found in the barrel house in Minish Village.


LanternThe lantern is found in the Temple of Droplets, and can be used to light torches, candles, rooms, and to melt ice.

Mole Mitts

Mole MittsMole Mitts, found in the Wind Ruins, can be used to burrow through selected ground.

Ocarina of Wind

Ocarina of WindThis is given to you after completing the Wind Ruins. It can be used to warp between Wind Crests, which are activated by reading their covering tombstone.

Pegasus Boots

Pegasus BootsPegasus Boots are used to run at high speeds. In conjunction with your sword, you can learn how to charge an enemy.

Roc’s Cape

Roc's CapeRoc’s Cape, found in the Palace of Winds, can be used to jump and glide. It also enables you to learn the Down Thrust technique.