Link artIt is not known if Link is truly the blood descendant of the Hero of Time, but it is known that he carries within him the power of the Triforce of Courage.

The story of The Wind Waker starts on Outset Island, a small and relatively isolated island south of the Great Sea. On the day of Link’s coming of age ceremony (spent dressed as the legendary hero himself), the pirate Tetra gets kidnapped by a mysterious bird.

Link saves her before her shipmates can get to her, but as Aryll, Link’s sister, goes to meet Link, she is also taken by the mysterious bird. She is taken far, far away, and Link makes it his mission to save her.

Little does he know how much his and Tetra’s destiny are intertwined until after he saves his sister…


Aryll artAryll, the loving sister, gives her big brother a telescope as a temporary birthday present. When he looks through it, he unwittingly sparks a chain of events that would see him become the next Hero. Aryll follows her brother on his rescue mission, only to be snatched away by a monsterous bird with huge talons.

Upset and confused, Aryll rocks back and forth in her cold cell, knees tucked under chin, half-listening to the stories of the girls from Windfall Island. She can only wait for her heroic brother to come and save her.


Tetra artA fearless, even merciless pirate, Tetra initially seems cold and self-interested. There’s more to this character than even she knows.

Though initially frosty towards Link, she begins warming to him when he shows the adventurous heart of a pirate.


Zelda artA fair-skinned young lady, Zelda is bold of heart and adventurous. A descendant of the Royal Family, Zelda does not know of her ancestors, or even of her true identity until later on in her adventure.


Ganondorf artOnce locked away in the Sacred Realm, Ganondorf broke free and tried to take Hyrule once again. The armies of Hyrule were powerless before him, and the Hero of Time was no where to be seen. The Gods of Hyrule buried the world under the Great Sea, Ganondorf with it. Now, evil forces have been gathering near Forsaken Fortress and it is believed that the Evil King has returned.

It is in Forsaken Fortress that Ganondorf slowly recovers his health, until he is strong enough to once again pursue the Triforce.

King of Red Lions

King of Red Lions artTetra and Link do not find out the true identity of the King of Red Lions until later on in his adventure. However, the talking boat has a lot of faith that Link is the new Hero, and will save Hyrule from the growing forces of Ganondorf.

The King gives Link advice throughout the adventure, and acts as Link’s boat.

Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule

Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule artThe King of the lost kingdom of Hyrule, Daphnes Nohansen has been trapped in the Temple of Time since the Gods flooded the world. Now, with the arrival of the new Hero, he can finish his job of making sure that Hyrule is left in safe hands. He is the one to tell Link and Zelda of their heritage, and tells them that the Great Sea is their new Hyrule, one that they must rebuild and claim as their own.