Items & equipment



BombUse bombs to blow things up, like enemies, walls and rocks. You can throw them with A, and drop them with R.

When you receive the bombs from Niko, you’ll be able to use a cannon on your boat. I wonder where the King hid that?


BoomerangThe boomerang can be used to stun enemies, or even kill some of the weaker ones. Unlike previous boomerangs, this new weapon can lock on to five targets before throwing.

This item is found in the Forbidden Forest.

Hero’s Shield

Hero's ShieldThe Hero’s Shield is your first form of defence. It’s given to your by your grandmother before you leave Outset Island.

Hero’s Sword

Hero's SwordThe Hero’s Sword is a basic sword given to you by Orca, Outset Island’s resident swordsman.

Master Sword

Master SwordWhen you find the Master Sword in Hyrule Castle, it’s a shell of its former self. By finishing dungeons, the blade slowly grows (and glows) in power.

Mirror Shield

Mirror's ShieldThe Mirror Shield, which you find in the Earth Temple, is used to reflect light. Certain enemies can only be harmed by light, and the shield is used in various puzzles.

Skull Hammer

Skull HammerSimilar to Ocarina of Time’s Megaton Hammer, this item is used to pound down posts. It can be used against enemies, either by shattering frozen enemies or pounding the ground and stunning those in your vicinity.

Bow & arrows

Hero’s Bow

Hero's BowThe Hero’s Bow is used for hitting switches and attacking enemies. The fire rate is much faster than in previous Zelda games.

You’ll find the Bow in the Tower of the Gods.

Fire Arrows

Fire ArrowsFire Arrows are given to you on Mother and Child Isles when you warp there with the Ballad of Gales. They can be used to melt ice.

Ice Arrows

Ice ArrowsIce Arrows are given to you on Mother and Child Isles when you warp there with the Ballad of Gales. They can be used to cool fire, they can freeze enemies which makes them brittle.

Light Arrows

Light ArrowsThese can kill any enemy with one strike, and are essential in the final fight against Ganon. You find them in the Forbidden Fortress after defeating Phantom Ganon.


Bait Bag

Bait BagYou can buy a Bait Bag from one of Beedle’s shops. It’s used to store different kinds of bait, one of which is essential when filling up your map.

More information on these items can be found on the Bag Items page.

Delivery Bag

Delivery BagThe Delivery Bag is given to you by the postman Quill on Dragon Roost Island. It’s used to store letters, deeds, and trade items.

More information on these items can be found on the Bag Items page.

Spoils Bag

Spoils BagThe Spoils Bag is received from Niko when you complete his first challenge. It can be used to store special enemy swag, like Skull Necklaces and Knight’s Crests. More information on these items can be found on the Bag Items page.

Other items


BottleBottles can be used to store things like potions, fairies, and water. You can collect up to four throughout the game - locations can be found on the Bottles page.

Deku Leaf

Deku LeafThe Deku Leaf serves two purposes. When you’re in the air, you can hold down the Deak Leaf button to glide according to the wind, though this is limited by magic. When you’re on the ground, you flap the leaf to send a pocket of air at wind switches, or piles of leaves.

You receive the Deku Leaf from the Great Deku Tree.

Grappling Hook

Grappling HookThe Grappling Hook is similar to the Hookshot, but a little more primitive. You can swing it around poles to swing to another ledge, or to climb up the rope. You can also use it to steal items from enemies that they wouldn’t have otherwise dropped.

When you get the Grappling Hook from Dragon’s Roost Cavern, you can use it on your boat as a crane.

Hero’s Charm

Hero's CharmThe Hero’s Charm is given to you in return for Joy Pendants. When worn, it displays L-Targeted enemy’s health bars.


HookshotThe Hookshot can be found in the Wind Temple. It’s used to pull yourself towards specific targets, or to pull items towards you.

Iron Boots

Iron BootsIron Boots make you heavier, which provides resistance against strong winds, and gives you extra traction on ice. You find the boots in Ice Ring Isle.

Magic Armour

Magic ArmourWhile this item uses magic power, it renders you invincible. It can be obtained by completing the trading side-quest.

Picto Box

Picto BoxThe Picto Box is used to take pictures, and you can save three at one time. You can find the first Picto Box in the tunnels behind Tingle’s Cell on Windfall Island, but you can later get a Deluxe colour version by finishing the game and playing through the “second” quest.

Power Bracelets

Power BraceletsWearing these will increase your strength, allowing you to lift heavy objects. You can get them inside Fire Isle.


SailUnfurling this on the ocean will move your boat at a much faster clip than merely paddling. You’ll need to make sure the wind is complementary by directing it with the Wind Waker.


TelescopeThe Telescope is is a temporary birthday present given to you by your sister Aryll. It’s handy for getting your bearings on the high seas.

Tingle Tuner

Tingle TunerThe Tingle Tuner is a device given to you by Tingle when you spring him from jail. When equipped, it downloads a program to your Game Boy Advance which can be used by a second player. You can read about enemies, detect hidden Tingle Statues, or call in Tingle to use weapons.

Wind Waker

Wind WakerThe title item, the Wind Waker is used to conduct different songs. Its main use is to direct the wind, so you can sail and use the Deku Leaf. It can be used for other purposes, like performing the Ballad of Gales, which will warp you to predefined areas of the map.