Windfall Island | Windmill

This game is rather like Battleship, only you try to sink squids so I named it accordingly. There’s no one strategy here, as it’s completely random and there’s no way to tell where the squids are. You need to sink all of the squids with your 24 cannonballs, or less, in order to win.


1st win: Heart Piece
2nd win: Treasure Chart #7
Win with less than 20 cannonballs: Treasure Chart #23

Cost: 10 rupees

Target Shooting

Spectacle Island | Top of the island

To win, you need to shoot all of the “pirate ships” with 10 or less cannonballs.


1st win: Heart Piece
2nd win: Treasure Chart #17
3rd win:100 Rupees

Cost: 50 rupees

Hide ‘n’ Seek

Windfall Island | Talk to the Killer Bees after you get the Pictobox

The aim of this game is, somewhat predictably, to find all the Killer Bees.

  • Behind the Gravestone
  • Behind the Bomb Shop
  • On top of the tree near the main archway
  • Head up the wooden ramp near the gravestone, then head through the arch and take a right. You’ll find yourself on top of the main archway, just take the wooden path to the left and go behind the bush.


1st win: Heart Piece

Cost: Free

Pig Hide ‘n’ Seek

Windfall Island | Man near Bomb Shop

Find and return all three pigs to the man within two minutes.


1st win: 3 Skull Necklaces

Cost: 50 rupees

Mail Sorting

Dragon Roost Island | Second Floor

Because this qualifies as work (strange, because it’s one of my favourite mini-games), they pay you for sorting the mail. The more mail you sort in a given timeframe, the more money you’ll be paid. There are six different mail boxes, and you have to highlight the one with the symbol of the letter at the bottom of the screen and press A. A win counts as 25 letters before the timer runs out. You have to get the second heart piece from a post box.


1st win: Heart Piece
2nd win (plus letter collection): Heart Piece

Cost: Free

Picture Sliding

Private Oasis | Cabana

Once you have the deed to the Cabana (by giving Windfall Island’s teacher 20 Joy Pendants), you can enter the mansion on Private Oasis. Inside, there’s a classic picture sliding game disguised as a painting, where one piece is missing and you must reorganise the pieces to complete the picture. Each time you complete a puzzle, you earn 50 rupees, but the puzzles get progressively harder, so this is something you should do for fun, rather than money.


Every win: 20 rupees

Cost: 50 rupees

Merman Acupuncture

Great Sea | Merman

If you have the Hero’s Bow, speak to a Merman and play his game. His back’s been hurting, and he wants you to fire arrows into his back. During the game, he’ll jump out of the water 10 times, giving you 10 oppertunities to hit him.


Per hit: 10 rupees
Perfect score: 200 rupees

Cost: All-purpose bait

Auction House

Windfall Island | Rich Man’s House

At night, Zunari holds an auction in the Rich Man’s House.

Items and cost

Treasure Chart #38: 60 rupees
Joy Pendant: 40 rupees
Heart Piece: 80 rupees
Treasure Chart #18: 60 rupees

Birdman Contest

Flight Control Platform

To win the heart piece, you need the big magic meter. The idea of the Bird Man Contest is to make it past the checkpoint using only the Deku Leaf. Of course, it’s not as easy as just pressing forward. You first need to set the wind blowing northwest. When you jump off the platform, unfurl your leaf at the highest point of your jump. The idea is to time it so the whirlwinds pass in front of you as you move along, as these will blow you back up into the air.


1st win: Heart piece

Cost: 10 rupees

Boating Race

Boating Course

The boating course is a race against time to collect as many rupees as possible. Each time you complete the course, your available time is reduced by 10 seconds.


Constant: Rupees

Cost: 10 rupees