Early in 2004, it was revealed that a new Zelda GameCube title was under development. Using the moniker “The Wind Waker 2”, people assumed that the new Zelda would be using the same cel-shaded style as its prequel, but at E3 2004 Nintendo sent shockwaves through the industry by making the ultimate Megaton announcement.

The new Zelda game would use the realistic graphics style that fans felt robbed of by the announcement of The Wind Waker.

The movie shown to an awe-struck crowd featured fleeting images of a Hyrulian battlefield, of a heroic adult Link cutting swathes through Bokoblin armies, of towering chained beasts and of beautiful, vast landscapes.

Nintendo fans across the world cried white, and then… and then we had to wait an entire year for GDC and E3. We finally learned that “Twilight Princess” is set in a dark period of Hyrule’s history, and alternate reality poison is choking the land.

As his town’s missionary to Hyrule Castle, Link is about to set off on his journey when the Twilight Realm begins to engulf his home. His childhood friend is kidnapped, and as Link tries to rescue her he is captured by the Realm.

Similar to the Dark World in A Link to the Past, Link can’t retain his human form in the Twilight Realm, and finds himself transformed into a wolf with only a strange cat-like creature named Midna to guide him in this sickly new land.

It was at E3 2006 that Twilight Princess was revealed to be a dual-format release, with an upgraded version for Wii launching alongside the new console. There are still many mysteries surrounding the game, but all will be revealed around September this year.