Boss guide

Forest Temple


Track the monkey as he hops from pillar to pillar. When he stops to throw the Gale Boomerang at the evil plants on the ceiling, roll attack the pillar. He’ll be shaken up, and the boomerang will knock him to the ground. Just attack the bulbous hindquarters until he gets back up. Simply repeat this until he is slain.


The fight will begin with two very large Baba mouths, and some small islands containing Bomblings. While dodging any attacks, use the Gale Boomerang to send one of the Bomblings into the snapping mouths.

After you defeat both of them, Diababa rises up once more, this time with the main body in tow. Run around until Ook swings triumphantly into the scene, then use the Gale Boomerang to snag the Bombling he’s carrying and send it into the main mouth (you can also dispatch the two side mouths, but this is completely unnecessary).

It’ll fall, exposing its tongue. Attack the tongue until the beast recovers, then repeat this process until it’s defeated.

Whilst this is going on, you should also concentrate on avoiding the mouths as they try to gulp you down. The other thing to watch out for is jet of poisonous water that the main mouth fires at you after it recovers.

Goron Mines


As soon as this battle begins, put on your Iron Boots so you can stay on the platform. Walk/roll your way near an edge, then turn around so that your back is to the edge and you’re facing Dangoro.

The Goron will approach and just stand there. Wait until it rears its fist back to punch you, or raises its hands to pound you. At this point, attack the soft underbelly until he rolls into a ball.

After a split-second, the “A prompt” will appear with a Grab ption. As soon as it shows up hold down the button and, like any wrangled goat, the Dangoro will be grabbed and tossed behind you. If you distanced yourself well enough, you’ll toss him into the lava. After he’s been dipped in air-exposed magma three times victory shall be yours.


The first thing Fyrus will do is charge you. When it does, shoot it in the giant glowing eye with an arrow. Stunned, he’ll begin limping around the room. Run up to the trailing anklet shackles and grab ahold of one. Put on the Iron Boots and back away.

Once the chain reaches its longest point, you’ll topple the great firey beast. Take off the Boots, then run up to the glowing eye and slash away with your sword. Rinse and repeat.

Lakebed Temple

Deku Toad

The first thing Deku Toad does is detatch all the little tadpole things from his back and send them after you. Bombs are handy if you can time them correctly, otherwise just slash away until they’ve been dispatched.

Once they’re gone, Frogamu hops up to the ceiling. Start running and, when you see a large shadow appear on the ground, roll out of the way to avoid being squished by the large behemoth.

After it hits the ground it’ll be stunned. Take this opportunity to attack its lolling tongue with your sword. After he gets back up, just repeat this until he is no more.

Here’s a fun alternate strategy. After the first time he falls to squish you, lock onto him and wait. When he roars, fire a Bomb Arrow at him. He’ll swallow it, then be stunned when it explodes, which gives you an opportunity to attack its tongue.


The first stage of this battle is fairly easy. There’s a roving eyeball that travels up and down his tenticles. Just get close enough that you can snag it with the Clawshot, yet far enough away that the tenticles won’t grab you. Once you hook it, slash it.

After each hit, Morpheel will release a school of Bomb Fish. Take care of them if they get near you, but otherwise simply repeat until the beast sinks below the sand.

Stage two is actually kinda fun. Swim at the beasts mouth, and look for the lock-on point on top of its head. As soon as you have the opportunity, Clawshot the weakpoint, then attak it with your sword when you get a chance. As long as you don’t get swallowed during your approach, this process should go over without a hitch.

Arbiter’s Grounds

Death Sword

Once this battle starts, morph into wolf form and use your Sense. Once you can see the Death Sword, just attack it once it turns solid, and try not to get attacked yourself.

After a successful hit, he turns visible, so swap back to your human form. He’ll circle the room, then swoop in for an attack. While he’s circling, just hit him with an arrow and he’ll get angry and start circling faster. Follow his path, and shoot him when he stops to attack you to stun him. At this point, move in for the attack. Repeat as necessary.


First, roll to the edge of the arena, dispatching any zombies you encounter along the way. Use the Spinner on the rail while avoiding the roving trap. To damage the boss, Jump off the rail and attack the base of its spine.

After the second hit, he’ll start summoning a hoard of zombies right in front of him, which you’ll need to dodge before you can score a hit. After the third hit, he’ll appear to die.

Once stage two starts, break out the spinner and start rail sliding up the column. Eventually, you’ll catch up with the floating head. Right as it shoots a fireball, Jump to the wall. Then Jump back to the column at the next fireball, then back to the wall, then to the column again.

At this point, the head should be right beside you, so just Jump away to hit it. This knocks it to the ground, and it is here that you should slash with the ol’ sword.

Repeat this twice more. The second and third sequence adds some roving traps to the mix, so be sure to Jump once they approach you.

Beware, though, for the column has a spiraling rail, while the wall has a lateral one. What this means is that while on the wall you will not move upward. If you spend too much time on the wall, you won’t have enough height to complete the fireball-dodging sequence.

Snowpeak Ruins


His only attack is to swing the morning star…er, Ball ‘n Chain at you. The key to defeating him is to stay within the arc of the chain (so that the ball swings around you) and try to roll behind him. Not always easy, but a well-timed Back Slice will do the trick. You can also hang back until he launches the ball at you. Dodge it, then run in and attack his vulnerable tail. After a few hits, he’ll fall and relinquish his weapon.


The first phase of this is really easy. Simply use the Ball N Chain to attack the massive ice beast until it enters phase two. I was able to do this without moving anywhere, so this should be fairly easy for all.

Phase two is a little trickier. Blizzeta will float near the top of the room, then come crashing down on you. this attack is followed by more floating, but this time she sends her stalactite shields crashing down one by one.

For the stomp attack, try to roll out of the way as best you can, then turn around and see if you can hit one of the stalactites.

For the trailing doom attack, keep moving and the missles will miss. Once they’ve all fallen, see how many you can shatter before they’re raised again.

Once you’re able to take out a few of these, there will be some openings in her shield. The next time she uses the crashing attack, look for one of those openings and try to stand in it.

Everything will come crashing down around you but leave you untouched. Take this opportunity to smack Blizzeta with the Ball ‘n Chain. Repeat this whole thing twice more and you shall be victorious.

Temple of Time


There are a couple different ways you can approach this guy. The first is to try to Back Slice him, which is a little easier to accomplish while jumping toward his sword hand, and then attack a few times when he’s stunned.

The second is to use a Mortal Blow and then try to get some attacks in, though the mortal blow actually does less damage than the Back Slice.

The third is to wait patiently in front of him until he attacks, at which point you can either try to get an attack in before his connects or dodge his and move in before he gets his guard back up.

Once you find a method that works for you, keep at it until you knock away all of his armor. At this point he’s much more agile and deadly. I find the Back Slice to work well. Typically, he’ll deflect the initial blow. However, this also knocks him off his guard, which is a perfect time to strike. After a few well-timed hits, he’ll fall.


Watch Armagohma as she crawls around the ceiling. She’ll stop and open the eye on her back and begin firing a laser. The key here is to shoot the eye with an arrow before the firing commences.

When you do, she’ll fall to the ground near one of the statues. Once she does, run close enough to the statue to use the Dominion Rod. After gaining control, pound with the rod to damage the giant spider. After being hit, she’ll release a bunch of larvae and then begin the attack sequence all over again. Just repeat.

For phase two, just attack the eye. You can do this by charging in with your sword or shooting it with some arrows.

City in the Sky


The Aeralfos floats around the stage near window level. After some more aimless hovering, it’ll raise its shield and then divebomb you. When you see the shield raise, use the Clawshot to pull him to the ground.

Once he’s down, slash away with the ol’ sword until he gets up again. He’ll hop up but stay on the ground, and perform some standard melee attacks. Just dodge those and wait for an opportunity to strike. After a hit or two, he’ll go back to hovering. Just repeat this until he’s finished.

Note the four pillars in the corners of the stage. They can, and should be, used as Clawshot points. Grapple up to one and then wait until Argorok pauses in mid-flight and charges up a burst of fire breath.

Clawshot over to the adjacent pillar to avoid the stream of flame, then wait until he pauses. While he’s out of breath, Clawshot the tail and strap on the Iron Boots to pull him to the ground. He’ll crash and lose some armor, then hop up and start flying around again. Repeat this until all the armor is gone.

At the start of this next phase, some peahats will rise from the earth and hover quite high up. Grapple your way up to one of them and Clawshot on. Wait until Argorok start charging his fire breath and Clawshot your way around the circle of peahats to avoid its sweep.

I’ve found Targeting to work quite well here. Again, he’ll pause to catch his breath. When he does, circle around to his back, then target the weak point and Clawshot over to it.

Attack with your sword until he falls. The second time through this process, he’ll change the direction of the firey sweep, so just be sure to watch out for that whilst circling. Other than that, two more hits to the back will fell the dragon.

Palace of Twilight

Phantom Zant

He’ll appear twice, and both times will be exactly the same. Phantom Zant will appear and summon some enemies. Shortly after this, he’ll disappear, then reappear somewhere in the room. Eventually he’ll stop disappearing and reappearing and begin to summon a new batch of enemies.

The key to defeating him is to strike when he begins the summon. If you time it right, you’ll not only hurt him but you’ll also cancel the summon. Just keep hitting him in this fashion until he’s defeated.


Zant’s first phase is based off of the battle with Diababa. He’ll float around above the poisonous water and occasionally pausee to fire a volley of energy balls at you. When he begins firing, Target him and jump to the side to dodge the initial blast, then hurl the Gale Boomerang. It’ll knock him from the sky, he’ll bounce painfully across the water, and come to rest on land. Run up and start slashing at him. Repeat as necessary.

Zant’s second phase is loosely related to the battle with Dangoro. When Zant hops up and down on the platform, don the Iron Boots to keep from falling off. When he stops just take of the boots and dash toward him. Attack once you’re close enough, then repeat this as often as necessary.

Zant’s third phase is rather like facing off against Morpheel. Giant heads resembling Zant’s mask will rise from the sands. The tongue will open on one of them, and Zant will fire some energy balls at you. Swim around them, and rocket within Clawshot range. Hook him, and start slashing away once he’s been pulled in front of you. Do this a couple more times.

Zant’s fourth phase is reminiscant of the epic battle with Ook. He’ll hop from pillar to pillar, then stop and fire some energy at you. Simply roll into the pillar he stops on twice (once to upset his balance, and again to knock him off), and then start smacking him with the sword once he’s prostrate. Repeat this another time or two and the next phase will begin.

Zant’s fifth phase is akin to fighting Blizzeta. He’ll grow to enormous proportions and try to step on you. Your goal is to target one of his ankles and hit it with your Ball ‘n Chain. He’ll begin hopping around in pain whilst shrinking.

You need to hit the tiny form, though be it with the sword or the Ball ‘n Chain is up to you. Once you hit him, he’ll regrow, at which time you need to repeat the process once or twice more.

Zant’s final phase is not similar in any way to a previous boss fight. He’s got two swords and two basic attack patterns. The first attack is simply running toward you while waving his swords wildly and attempting to hit you.

Side step this and attack from behind. For his second attack, he’ll spin around madly, like the deadliest top ever. This one’s harder to dodge, since it comes at you faster, but still doable. Once he’s done spinning, he’ll become dizzy, at which time you should charge in and attack. Keep it up and, after a few hits, he’ll go down.

Hyrule Castle



Target Zelda as she hovers around the room. She’ll stop and fire a ball of energy at you. Deflect said ball with a sword slash. She’ll deflect it back to you, and then you just need to deflects it back at her. Keep that up until she misses and gets hit.

The goal of the battle is to hit her two more times in a similar fashion. After the first hit, however, she’ll throw in a couple of attacks.

For the first, she’ll try to dive bomb you and stab you, so just hop out of the way of that one. She’ll also create a glowing triangle on the floor which glows brighter and brighter until it explodes. To avoid this, just step off of the triangle.


Ganon will run around the room for a bit and then vanish. Four warp points will begin appearing and disappearing near the door. Watch them utnil one of them turns blue, and then ready your bow.

Once Ganon emerges from the portal, shoot him with an arrow. This will stun him, but hit momentum will carry him forward, so be ready to roll out of the way before you get bowled over.

Once he’s down, just start attacking his soft, vulnerable underbelly. After he gets up you just need to repeat this process once more. Be wary, though, cause he’ll also try to crash down on you from the ceiling, so watch out for his shadow.

After the second series of attacks, he’ll figure out what you’re doing and start dodging your arrows. At this point, you need to turn into a wolf. Remember the goat wrangling and goron tossing you did way back in the beginning of the game?

Well, time to resurrect that akill. Hold your ground and wait for him to charge you. Hold down A as soon as the “Grab” prompt appears and Midna will grab him with her whatever-that-is. From there, just wrestle him to the ground, then jump attack the belly. From there, just repeat that process until the form is defeated.

Equestrian Melee


Follow Ganondorf’s horse, and get close enough to target him. Once you target, Zelda will aim and then fire a light arrow. Try to stay right behind him as much as possible to reduce the number of times she misses.

After he gets hit, ride up to him and attack with your sword - the Spin Attack is rather effective here. After a few hits he goes down. Sounds easy, right? Well it is…as long as you can follow him closly enough. It’s all too easy to attempt a sharp turn and have your horse come to a dead stop.

Plus, there are attacks to watch out for. Ganondorf likes to charge you and attack with his sword, which can be avoided by steering the horse out of the way (and possibly by ducking, but I haven’t been able to get the timing right on that yet).

He’ll also summon four ghost riders which will charge you and attack you. The best way to counteract these is to ride straight at them and unleash a Spin Attack, which defeats the ones in your path and can net you a heart or two.



Scattered about the arena you find yourself in are some skulls. These contain hearts, and the occasional fairy, if you have need of some additional health. Ganondorf has numerous sword attacks that he’ll use against you.

At least one of them will knock you over unless you can dodge or pull off a timely Shield Attack. The others can usually be blocked by the shield. Even so, it’s not aways easy to get a hit in on the big guy.

You can get openings by dodging or a well executed shield deflection, but the best opportunity for attack comes when he charges you with sword held high.

Before he connects, a “Chance” prompt will appear. If you hit “A” in time you’ll lock swords, at which time you need to hit the “A” button as rapidly as possible. If successful, you’ll knock Ganondorf off balance.

This would be your chance to run in and viciously attack before he can recover. Repeat that a couple more times, or get a bunch more random hits in, and the ending becomes your’s for the viewing.