QuiverThe standard storage system for arrows. It can be upgraded twice by playing the Orb minigame in Hyrule Town.

Bomb bags

Bomb bagsEach bomb bag can carry just one type of bomb at a time, but you can find additional bags to carry all three kinds at once. The first can be purchased from Barnes Bombs in Kakariko. The second is found by detonating a large rock at the bottom of Zora’s Domain and finding the Goron inside. The third is given to you by the woman at the Boat Rental Cabin for clearing the river of blocks, and you can get a Giant Bomb Bag from her by getting more than 25 points at her pot-smashing minigame.


WalletStandard storage device for rupees. You can upgrade the Wallet by giving Agatha golden bugs (1 for upgrade 1, 26 for upgrade 2).


Throughout the game, your wolf self can pick up the scents of various people/things, which is quite useful for tracking. You can only remember one scent at a time, though. The collectibles screen shows which scent you currently know.

Poe Souls

Poe SoulsCollect these to break the curse on Jovani. The collectibles screen displays the amount you’ve collected.

Golden Bugs

Golden BugsCollect the golden bugs you find scattered throughout Hyrule to earn larger Wallets from Agatha. The collectibles screen shows what bugs you have found.

Fish Log

Keeps track of the weight and type of fish you’ve caught.

Hidden Skills

There are seven skills hidden throughout the land that combine to make you a deadlier swordsman. The collectibles screen shows you which skills you’ve learned.